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Name: The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, Vol. 27, 1913 Downloads: 2117 Link - The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, Vol. 27, 1913 33000+ free ebooks online. Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof-reading just one page a day? Woodrow Wilson PDF book by John Milton Cooper Jr. Read Online or Free Download in ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks. Published in November 3rd 2009 the book become immediate popular and critical acclaim in biography, history books. The main characters of Woodrow Wilson novel are David Lloyd George, Woodrow Wilson.

The laws reach but a very little way. Constitute government how you please,
infinitely the greater part of it must depend upon the exercise of powers, which
are left at large to the prudence and uprightness of ministers of state. Even all
the use and potency of the laws depends upon them. Without them your
commonwealth is no better than a scheme upon paper; and not a living, active,

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effective organization.—BURKE.
The great fault of political writers is their too close adherence to the forms of
the system of state which they happen to be expounding or examining. They
stop short at the anatomy of institutions, and do not penetrate to the secret of
their functions.—JOHN MORLEY.
IT would seem as if a very wayward fortune had presided over the history of
the Constitution of the United States, inasmuch as that great federal charter
has been alternately violated by its friends and defended by its enemies. It
came hard by its establishment in the first place, prevailing with difficulty over
the strenuous forces of dissent which were banded against it. While its
adoption was under discussion the voices of criticism were many and
authoritative, the voices of opposition loud in tone and ominous in volume, and
the Federalists finally triumphed only by dint of hard battle against foes,
formidable both in numbers and in skill. But the victory was complete,—
astonishingly complete. Once established, the new government had only the
zeal of its friends to fear. Indeed, after its organization very little more is heard
of the party of opposition; they disappear so entirely from politics that one is
inclined to think, in looking back at the party history of that time, that they
must have been not only conquered but converted as well. There was well-nigh
universal acquiescence in the new order of things. Not everybody, indeed,
professed himself a Federalist, but everybody conformed to federalist practice.
There were jealousies and bickerings, of course, in the new Congress of the
Union, but no party lines, and the differences which caused the constant
brewing and breaking of storms in Washington's first cabinet were of personal
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because the one had been an ardent and the other only a lukewarm friend of
the Constitution, so much as because they were so different in natural bent
and temper that they would have been like to disagree and come to drawn
points wherever or however brought into contact. The one had inherited warm
blood and a bold sagacity, while in the other a negative philosophy ran suitably
through cool veins. They had not been meant for yoke-fellows.
There was less antagonism in Congress, however, than in the cabinet; and in
none of the controversies that did arise was there shown any serious
disposition to quarrel with the Constitution itself; the contention was as to the
obedience to be rendered to its provisions. No one threatened to withhold his
allegiance, though there soon began to be some exhibition of a disposition to
confine obedience to the letter of the new commandments, and to
discountenance all attempts to do what was not plainly written in the tables of
the law. It was recognized as no longer fashionable to say aught against the
principles of the Constitution; but all men could not be of one mind, and
political parties began to take form in antagonistic schools of constitutional
construction. There straightway arose two rival sects of political Pharisees,
each professing a more perfect conformity and affecting greater 'ceremonial
cleanliness' than the other. The very men who had resisted with might and
main the adoption of the Constitution became, under the new division of
parties, its champions, as sticklers for a strict, a rigid, and literal construction.
They were consistent enough in this, because it was quite natural that their
one-time fear of a strong central government should pass into a dread of the
still further expansion of the power of that government, by a too loose
construction of its charter; but what I would emphasize here is not the motives
or the policy of the conduct of parties in our early national politics, but the fact
that opposition to the Constitution as a constitution, and even hostile criticism
of its provisions, ceased almost immediately upon its adoption; and not only
ceased, but gave place to an undiscriminating and almost blind worship of its
principles, and of that delicate dual system of sovereignty, and that
complicated scheme of double administration which it established. Admiration
of that one-time so much traversed body of law became suddenly all the vogue,
and criticism was estopped. From the first, even down to the time immediately
preceding the war, the general scheme

Congressional Government
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Congressional Government

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  • Author : Woodrow Wilson
  • Publisher : Madison & Adams Press
  • Release Date : 2019-10-15
  • Genre: Literary Collections
  • Pages : 144
  • ISBN 10 : 8027334357
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Woodrow Wilson, a disciple of Walter Bagehot, considered the United States Constitution to be cumbersome and open to corruption. He favored a parliamentary system for the United States and in the early 1880s wrote, 'I ask you to put this question to yourselves, should we not draw the Executive and Legislature closer together? Should we not, on the one hand, give the individual leaders of opinion in Congress a better chance to have an intimate party in determining who should be president, and the president, on the other hand, a better chance to approve himself a statesman, and his advisers capable men of affairs, in the guidance of Congress.' Essays presented in this book shed light to Wilsons's political thought and works. Contents: The New Freedom When A Man Comes To Himself The Study of Administration Leaders of Men The New Democracy