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Hi friends! I’ve been super busy lately with packing up to move to a temporary home while my family waits for our permanent residency to be vacant. On top of that, these 37 weeks of pregnancy are starting to take a toll. Whoa, baby! Today I’ve created a set of free labor and birth Bible verse printables for myself that I thought you might like too!

Whoa baby pdf free download windows 10

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This kind of labor and birth Bible verse printable cards is something I ALWAYS use to focus during birth. I cannot tell you y daughter’s homebirth I sat at the kitchen table rocking back and forth for hours pouring over some of these verses. Likewise, with my son’s public hospital birth here in Costa Rica, though the nurse made me shed my eyeglasses when I stripped down to don their birthing apparel, I clenched my verse cards tightly, holding them up to my nose to read the print.

This set of eight birth Scripture printables isn’t fancy. It doesn’t have cute photos of newborns or little birdie designs. When you’re in labor, you don’t care about those embellishments, you care about the text. I’ve created these pocket-sized birth Bible verse printable cards in shades of lavender, the most calming, soothing color on a pale grid card pattern. Print out the PDF, trim them, and laminate, if that’s your style. I like to keep them on a ring so I can flip through them at will.

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I hope you find these Bible verses for birth to be helpful in maintaining your eyes on our Creator as you work alongside Him to bring new life into this world.

Whoa, Baby! PDF Free Download

Whoa Baby Pdf Free Download Windows 10


Happy birthing!

Whoa, Baby! PDF Free downloadWhoa baby pdf free download windows 10

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