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11/8/2020 Alex Trebek died today after battling pancreatic cancer. In addition to his career on Jeopardy, he was known for being caring, warm, and an extremely nice guy. Alex Trebek, the longtime host of the game show 'Jeopardy!,' reflected on his life in this warm, conversational book. Nov 16, 2020 Read on to find out why fans think Burton would be the ideal person to keep the show going in Trebek's honor, and for more on the late host, This Is What Alex Trebek Wanted for His Last Jeopardy! Fans have started a petition to make Burton the next host of the iconic game show. After his role on Roots, hosting 21 seasons of Reading.

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71st Annual Peabody Awards LuncheonWaldorf-Astoria Hotel

May 21, 2012
SourceHorace Newcomb and Alex Trebek
AuthorPeabody Awards
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[Helicopter Blades Whirring]

[Helicopter Blades Whirring]

[Man] The time has come

to go to war again.

Not with Iraq, international terrorists, The rose hotel pdf free download.

or what was once Yugoslavia..

but with the medfly..

a potentiallydevastating insect..

that has chosen to make California

its new home.

Despite assurances that spraying poses

no significanthealthrisks to the public..

the public is not convinced.

People sense they're being

kept in the dark purposely.

Furthermore, there is no consensus..

as to whether the objectives

are even realistic.

[Commentator Continues]

Is this a war that can be won?

Some say no.

Are wejustgoingthrough the motions

so certainpeople can cover themselves?

Alex Trebek Death

- [Man] Honey, it's on.!

- [Commentator] Some say yes.

- Okay, I'm coming.

- How is this war fought?

It's like fishing.

We use bait.

Actually, the bait is spread over our city

at night, like a glaze.

This is very discriminate bait..

- Do you have to wear your glasses on TV?

- like smart bombs..

- Shh.

- that destroy one thing, but nothing else.

The bait attracts the hungry,

newly hatched medflies..

and poisons only them.

[Commentator Continues]

The war's objective is clear-

destroy the medfly

before it has a chance to destroy us.

[Commentator Continues, Fades]

Cello, Strings]

All right.

- [Whispering] Look over there.

- [Continues]


Marian, what's so interesting?

Isn't that Alex Trebek?

- Alex Trebek? Where?

- Over there, next to the woman

with the white hair.

[Woman Gasps]

Is that Alex Trebek?


Who Is Alex Trebek? PDF Free Download

Yes, I'm sure it is.

Who's Alex Trebek?



[Helicopter Blades Whirring]

[Helicopter BladesContinue Whirring]

[Commentator].. takentheir time adopting

Who Is Alex Trebek Book

a policy of coexistence with the medfly..

'cause that's the only

realistic course open to us.

[Woman] Oh, Andy,

you're a long ways away.

I'm in L.A.

Can you hear the helicopters?

Commentator Continues]

What are you wearing?



Alex Trebek New Book

That was fast.

[Piano, Jazz Band]


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