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What was it like growing up black in the United Statesduring the beginning of integration? Warriors Don't Cry tells the story of MelbaPattillo, one of nine African-American children chosen to integrate Little Rock'sCentral High School.
In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to endsegregated schools. Arkansas governor Orval Faubus decided to ignore this rulingand not allow blacks in schools. The nine students fought to go to the white highschool, and succeeded.
Once they began attending Central High, however,many problems arose. Riots broke out, mobs attempted to hang them and teachersignored other students' insults during class. The nine struggled through theiryear at Central High, constantly harrased, tripped and even targeted with flyingsticks of dynamite, but somehow they survived.
This account of the manyinjustices suffered by African-Americans is an eye opener to those oblivious tohow violent our country has been. Many American youth have grown up notwitnessing the discrimination and hatred that were all too common in the earlyand mid-20th century.
Warriors Don't Cry clearly expresses the author'sdeep pain and emotion, and is an excellent example of what many American citizensexperienced. Thanks to the attempts of those nine and many others, students cannow go to schools with those of many races and ethnic backgrounds. They showedthat if you want something enough, you can win the struggle.

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Warriors Don’t Cry begins when Melba and eight other black men andwomen in their forties return to their home state of Arkansas to meet thethen-governor, Bill Clinton. Melba, the narrator and author, explains that thegroup, called the Little Rock Nine, is visiting Central High School in Little Rock.As teenagers in 1957, the nine of them were the first African-American students tobe integrated into the school.

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When Melba is twelve years old, the Supreme Court rules that separate schoolsfor whites are illegal, a ruling called Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka,Kansas. In the year after the ruling, Melba sees very little change in segregation.She is still at an all-black high school, but she and sixteen other black studentssign up to attend the white school.

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Because of the threat of violence, the number of black students who willparticipate in the integration is decreased from seventeen to nine. Several times inthe few days before school is supposed to start, lawsuits are filed that threaten tostop the nine students. Governor Faubus declares that he is going to send theArkansas National Guard to the high school, though he does not say whether they arethere to protect the nine or to stop them from entering the school. Grandma Indiabegins to stay awake at night with a shotgun near her. Finally, a few days afterschool has started, federal court judge Ronald Davies orders that the students beallowed to attend.

On September 3, 1957, Melba and her mother drive to Central High School forMelba’s first day of class. A huge white mob has gathered, and the Arkansas NationalGuard encircles the school. Luckily, both Melba and her mother make it to the carand escape unharmed. Melba is not allowed to leave her house or answer the door orthe phone. She tells her grandmother that she wants to go back to Horace Mann, herold high school, but her grandmother insists that Melba is not a quitter.

President Eisenhower and Governor Faubus meet and attempt to resolve theproblem of integration in Arkansas, but the meeting is unsuccessful, and onSeptember 20, 1957, the State of Arkansas goes to federal court before Judge Davies.Judge Davies rules that the Arkansas National Guard must be removed and that theLittle Rock Nine must be allowed into Central High School. Governor Faubus removesthe guard and predicts that blood will run in the streets of Little Rock if theschools are integrated.

On Monday, September 23, 1957, Melba and the other black students go toschool. They are again greeted by a mob of angry white people. In the middle of oneclass, Melba is forced to flee to the principal’s office, as the mob has broken thebarricades and is headed for the school. Someone in the principal’s office proposesthat they give the crowd one of the children to kill so the others can escape. GeneSmith, the assistant chief of police, smuggles the nine students out of the school.The day after the mob attack, Melba stays home and reads that President Eisenhowerhas announced he will use force to prevent this kind of mob rule and to enforcefederal law. The next day, the 101st Airborne Division (a division of war heroes)arrives in Little Rock.

Each black student has his or her own escort from the 101st Airborne Division.Melba’s solider, Danny, protects her when someone attempts to throw acid in hereyes. In October, Melba, Ernie, and Minnijean meet with some of Central High’s whitestudents under the guidance of a Norwegian reporter, Mrs. Jorumn Rickets, who hopesto foster some sort of understanding between the two groups. The meeting is afailure. Eisenhower withdraws the 101st Airborne, and the nine students are forcedto rely on the Arkansas National Guard for protection. The Nine continue to beterrorized: one day, white girls attack Melba in the showers and hold her underscalding water. At the same time, the newspaper that Mrs. Bates (the President ofthe NAACP in Little Rock) runs is being financially ruined by white businesspeople,and the State Attorney is threatening NAACP officials across the state.

On December 17th, white boys surround Minnijean in the school cafeteria.Minnijean throws hot chili on two of the boys. Minnijean is suspended. Thesegregationists start a new chant: “One nigger down and eight to go.” Minnijean isallowed to return to school, and a short while later, a white boy pours a bucket ofsoup on her head. Later, the boy who poured soup on Minnijean attacks her, and afight ensues. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but the white students allege thatMinnijean fought back. Minnijean is expelled from Central High School, and threewhite students are suspended. The NAACP arranges for a scholarship for Minnijean ata high school in New York.

One day, Melba is almost surrounded by a group of white boys led by Andy, hermain tormentor. She is saved by a white boy named Link, who gives her the keys tohis car. That night, Melba returns Link’s car to him, and he begins to warn her ofthe plans that the segregationists have made for her. Melba and Link become friends.On April 16, Judge Davies is removed from the Little Rock integration lawsuits andreplaced by an Arkansas judge named Harry Lemley.

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One Saturday morning, Link and Melba visit Nana Healey, Link’s black nanny.Link thinks that Nana Healey has tuberculosis. Melba finds a doctor in the blackcommunity to tend to her. Nana Healey is dying, and Melba has to tell Link.Meanwhile, the integration case is reopened, with Judge Lemley presiding, and theschool board once again asks for a postponement of integration at Central HighSchool. Melba’s mother, Lois, is nearly fired from her teaching job of fourteenyears because Melba won’t withdraw from Central High School. The end of the schoolyear is approaching, and the segregationists are desperate to keep Ernie, the oldestof the nine, from graduating. Yet, on May 27, Ernie graduates. The next day, Linkcalls in tears. Nana Healey has died. Link asks Melba to leave Little Rock with him.Melba agrees to go, knowing she will not follow through with her promise.

By May 29, the Nine (including Minnijean) have begun a tour of the northernstates, where they are treated like heroes and celebrities. Meanwhile, theintegration effort in Little Rock is disintegrating. Judge Lemley grants the schoolboard’s plea to delay integration for three years. The NAACP sets up a round ofappeals, and by September of 1958, the students are gearing up for their second yearat Central. Rather than allow that to happen, Governor Faubus shuts down all ofLittle Rock’s high schools. While Melba is waiting to return to school, GrandmaIndia is diagnosed with leukemia and dies in October of 1958. By September of 1959,the NAACP has decided that the strain on the families is too great. They ask peoplein NAACP chapters across the country to take in the students. Melba is sent to SantaRosa, California, to the home of the McCabes, a white Quaker family. The McCabesnurture and care for Melba and convince her to go to college in January of 1960.

Warriors Don't Cry Ebook

In September of 1960, Central is again open to integration, but only two ofthe nine students are readmitted. They eventually graduate. Melba begins to attendSan Francisco State University with predominantly white students. One night in 1962,while she is at school, a white soldier named John comes to her room to meet herroommate. There is mutual attraction, and soon they are engaged to be married. Melbarelates how she keeps in touch with Link during this time. But when Link hears thatshe is getting married, and to a white man, he is furious, as Melba had alwaysmaintained she could not date a white man. They never speak again. Six months later,Melba and John are married. They have a daughter named Kelli. Seven years aftertheir daughter’s birth, they split up because Melba wants to be a reporter and work,and John wants a housewife. Melba goes to journalism school at Columbia and becomesa reporter. She ends the book by saying that if her experience at Central HighSchool has taught her anything, it is that we are all one.