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I seldom review books as there are too many and each is to be valued for its purpose and for the purpose I have for it. But this is a fun read and yet does something unique and informative. There is nothing new in terms of information but fascinating the way he sets it up and presents it. Mr Baier is a journalist and amateur historian so the book reads more like an article than an analytical historical piece, but that does not discount its value. The book details an important shift in America’s history, from that of a member nation of the World to that of Leader, and some would argue Meddler, in the Free World. There is a paradigm shift from President Eisenhower to President Kennedy, one that set the stage for the generations even to today. The World after WWII was tired, war weary, and eager to return to the gay life. Soldiers were more than eager to convert to labor, they wanted to build and construct, and there was much to be done. Eisenhower’s responsibility was to provide a national atmosphere, one of security, safety and harmony so this process could take flight without obstruction. This would include a new national consciousness about race as well as a vast new highway system to transport freight faster and cheaper. It was a quiet idyllic age marked by progress, family and peace. And always mindful that this was the Nuclear Age, where the next war itself was feared at any cost. As a personal note, I did practice “duck and cover” and imagined my desk was somehow made of a special material that could withstand an A-Bomb. Baier does a great service in detailing Eisenhower’s reticence to use The Bomb. Not every military general was so sure of its need to end the war. Without precedent pdf free download for windows 7. Eisenhower was opposed to its use, particularly against Japan who was already defeated and for the most part harmless.

Three Days In January Pdf Free Download Free

Enter the youthful and dynamic John F. Kennedy. He is everything Eisenhower is not, young, impetuous and eager to set the world stage. Rather than securing the national realm for production, Kennedy wanted a chair at the World table, not as member but as the Leader of the Free is the roots of the Cold War which would poison foreign policy for decades, and may be under a revival in this generation. The book details this change from inward security to outward aggressions to defend itself against the CCCP (Soviet Union). But this is not the theme of the book. It is the happy transfer of power from the Old General to the Young Frontiersman, from the old status quo to the new progressives. This occurs peacefully in three days. Eisenhower was helpful in every way to aid the transfer of power to Kennedy, even though he was distrustful and reticent of Kennedy’s abilities. America is not an Imperial or Politburo so the transfer of power is among gentlemen and like minded individuals, at least on the subjects of democracy.

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Three Days In January PDF Free Download

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Also, most fascinating about the book was the details and analysis on Eisenhower’s now-prophetic farewell address on the evening of January 17, 1961. I had not read it for decades now and was renewed in my fascination for its clever warnings delivered by the General who had “won the war.” This alone is worth the read. In contrast and as a criticism, it would have served the book if Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech had also been included in its entirety and with similar analysis offered in contrast. The book is about Eisenhower and his commitment to serve the nation, and consequently Kennedy, but this addition would not have harmed the theme and would have given clarity to the chapter on the Bay of Pigs.

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The book is worthy of the price. It is suggested one read the chapter on the “military industrial complex” speech, and then listen to it on YouTube. It will enhance one’s understanding of the age right after the war and yet spark debate and interest in today’s efforts in foreign policy.