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. ,.:,-I . ' /.JI'q. )!c J! ,'fi ,-123 t.;THEt;TENTH MUSELately fprur1gup inAMER1cA. ;,.OR: ;fSeveral! Poems, compiled1 with great variety of VVitt .,and Learning,full of delight.tWherein efpccially is contained a com.pleat difcourfe and defcri ption ofEle}nents,The Four Conflituti ns Ages of Man,SeaJ'onsElfr/JeYear.Together ,vith an Exacl: Epitomic of i'f:the Four Monarchies, viz.· A!Jyrian, ThPerfittn,t!te Grecian, ( Roman.t Al(o a Dialogue betveen Old En!!.lc1ndand e ,conccrning the lare :roi1ble .t,lrtW1th divers orher p!caianr a11dfcuous Poem . t.:·By a sJ n I -111ar J nthofe· part rin)cd :it .Lo1ld nfor Strp.',rnBowtdl at the ftgne of the-t.,t;'tVli . B1bfe1n Popt·s He d-Alley. 16 50 :1. '¼,.''!'''!.''''!.',.,.,'I' '*',oil,'?'I

'.iij.· ]CiFij .,J. .KiQa-Reader.Ad I opportunity but to borrow , fome oftke tAuth orswi ,is p of·?ljiUe I m1ghtfo tnm thu curtomV1Work 1v:ithfuch gumnt e:,.:pre[st'ons,as th.1tnithePrefacem1 httefpea tbyfurtherperu-·,:l{till; hut I fe,zre 'twit be a fhamefora mant) thatcan[peakfa little, to hefeenein the title;] pageofthu WomansBook, ltfl ty comparing:j the oneivith the othe,·, the Reader PJottld'[Jptij]ehisfentence, that it is the g fi ofwrr,: mm, not onlyto[peak m ,/;ut tofpe11l·ebejl;I f;a/l te,vue th.e'lefo eto commend.that,Iwl1tchwith any mgemoiu 'l.fada 1vtlttoo. .;i] much commendthe Attthor, unleffe mentttrne morepee1.,·ifhthen womel'I, to en7.Jietjtht excdlencyof the in(e1-,.iourSex. I doubtiinot lut the Re.:zderrri!f quickJyJinde morecilthmI oznf.iy, ,tnd the rrorffffjeEl (hu rea]ding 1rillLeunlAel 1vhichwill male himJjquejlionivhl'tha it Lea wom,insWor/z, andi/1.Sk'e,ls it pufsi!le J If anydoe, tak.ethiJt-tfr6J1:1z.u1 {ivn (t·l' him th.ztd,zres ,n.;orvit;. It['.tfthe:VVo-,kq( a VVum,m, honomnl, ,ind ei:f1A 3.jl eemedr l0' l : iiI :I·'·I· ifrl!!'. ·l. !i: :, ;,; 1:'.} !I!'I;'.r: ;

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.,-.IIIIi('--- ---------.,l i---·-Ercurytl1cw'dApollo, BartM Book.,eemedi.r/;ereli-r,·esfiorher!lraciom de- :;Minerva this, and wHhthim well tofl'lneanour,ha c mine,dp,1,.ts,ber piot-t!icor,-ff. ilook,Andtelluprightly,which djd which cxcel1;'L'e 1[tition, ho·co11rtco:tJdi(p fition.,he e ·aEf[ ;d1'1gnicetn herplacc,a11ddifcreetma1;1J11g-1;1He vi w'd, and vicw·d, and vow'd he couldnot,g of'her f.1.milyocoz fio s?and mo,e tbenThey bid him Hemifphear his mouldy nofe,Ju, tht'fePoems a;e tlH {nut tut of fomeferuf Vich'scrackt lecring--glaffes.,for it would/,01HfS', curt ailfd f,·&mhnPeep.,andothe, ,e- [:::pofe·f, efl;,nents.-id.we ,1ddelittle, left I ketpt ?i The befibrains he had in's old pudding-pan,1/Jcetoo /oil/l,5 i( thou 1riJtnot be/ee--cethe ;!j Sex weigh'd.:i·whichbdl,the vVornan, or tacMan?north u(tJ;,J things ( in their kjnd) nhot j'tt m,zn(t1yesit,yet velee-1.;eit (,·om,i n-ommJ l He pe r'd,and por'd, and glar'd,and faid for'll'henthoufee it. Thi-f on&I jhall ,mnex, '. l'mewore,evenas wife now, as I was before:I (et tethe difpleafureofnoprr[onin thepNlr j They both 'gan laugh, and laid., it was no,nx'-JMtj,.'i'I) lwhofek;orvledge, and contrary to her e.'pe-fi. The Aut,h relfewas a right Du BartM 6irle Ration, I ha-1.:eprfjumedto !:ringto puLlic tj Good footh qnod1 the old Don,tel ye me fo 11Jinvwhatfhe rtfolved fhouldne-1.:erin fuch ? I nmfe wh ther at 1c gt 1 .thefeGids v,il go;Ir half revives my dul twlt·bitten blood,ll mannerfee theSun ; but I fozmdthat di- dTo foea woman once do,ought,that'S good;vns ht1dgotten fume fr ,zttflcd pltpets,atfc·.:: :nd chode buy CIJattcersBoots, and ,Homersc1edtl;em we!, were likefrto h,i7 ;eJent fo,-rhiF 1rrs,·.brn n peicesto thf AuthorspYl'judicf'irhirb:; L:r nv nlook w :-,lcaR wom(n weare theSpurs.·.1 thoughttopre·'l'ent, fS 1rrllt1J to plt.1J1ff1';N. 'IP' (ethat et1.;ncffly cir/iredt/.,c 1-:inv:of' the 'A Totpl.,cJ·.· ··fvkrdt· .;r ,

The :Epiftlededicatory.--------------------Of thefeconftlls, our bodyes, cloathes, and food,I',.:: !I'1'iii :The world, the ufeful1,hunfull, and the good:Sweet harmony they keep, yet jar oft time ,Their difcordmiy appear, by thefe harlh r,mes -i ours did conrcll,for Wealth, for Arts, for Age,MYfirfido {hew, cheirgood, and then their rage,My other four,dointermixed tellEach others faults, :md where themfelves excell:How hot,anddry,contend with moHt,and cold,How Aire,and Earth, no correfpondence hold,And yet in equill tempers, how they gree,How divers natures, make one unity.S0me thing of all (though mean) 1 did inte d,:Snt fear'd you'ld judge, one BartM wasmy fnend,J honour him, bur dare not wear his wealth,My goods are true (though poor) I love no fie:ilch,.But if I did, I dud.t not fend them you;Who mufr 1·ewarda theife, but with his due.I !ball not nefd myinnocence to clear,Thefe ragged lines, willdo'r,when theyappear.On what they are, your mild afpect I crave.,l.cccptmy bdl,my worfi vouchfafea grave.From her, tint to your fd(e more duty owesPThen watc!·s,inthe boondldfe Oceanflowc:s.',·::'tANNEBRADSTREEt,THEPR O'L O GUE.}1.i TOtingc,fWars,of Captaines,and of Kings,;,;Qt Cities founded, Cc;,mmon-wealthsbegu '· For my mean Pen, are too fuperiour tlJings,ii Andhowthey a,l, or each. their dates have nm :'- Let Poets, a11,dHifrori:im fet thefc forth,' MyobfcurcVerfe, fl11lnot Codim thc::irworth.:}2,. jB1.ttwhen my wondring eyes, aad envio1,14heart,! GreatBarta1fugar'd line, doe but read o're;:J.Foole,I doe grudge,the Mufes did not part] 'Twixt him and mr, that over-fluent ll:ore,] A Bart.tscan, doe whata BaitM wil,f ButfiraplcI, according to myskill.3·.: From School-poyestongue,no l(bethorick we expt8::, Noryeca fweecConfort, from brok :nfirings,1Nor perfect beaucy,where'sa m.1inedcfefr,il My foolith, broken, blemiili'd Mu'icfo !ings ;1 Andchis to mead, ahs, no Arc is able,'!'CaureNature raade it fo in·eparable.11.4·,Nrr c'.mI, like rh1cflucmfweet to u'd Gree Who lisp 'clat firlt, fpeake afterwards more pfaineRyArr, he gl.tdly found whlt he did feekc,1 It full re'q111c.111of bis fhiving'painc:. &cThe- ---·-·- - -:- -- -

; r'I' ,·}'l'Ii:' ;.II',: I'.'.iCl!I45ihe 'l'rologue.Art can doe much, but this maxime's moll:fore)A weakeor wounded braine admits no cure.) Jam obnoxious to eachcarpingtongue,Who fayes, my lund a needle better fits, .A PoetsPen, all fcorne, I !houldthus wrong;For fuch defpight they caft on female wits:If what I doe prove well, it wo'nt advance,They'l fayits Rolnc, ore , ic was bychance.·:Jqj!ll·'Ire Aire)Earth,and W:uer,dio allcontdl:which wasthe firon5eft,noblefl:,&the heft,I ·Whoche mofigoodcouldfuew,&who moft· ragej . / , .!For to decbre, rhemfclvcsthey all ingage;. AndiQ due or.dereachher turne fhould fpeake, , Bueenmity, this amity did breake:J Allwould be cheife,audall fcom'd to be under · Whencei{fo'd raines,:mdwinds,ligbming and thunder;i The qu1VingEarth did groan, the r.kielook'c black] TheFire, the forcedAire, in funder crack;',;.Thefeadid threat the heaven ,the heavensthe earth:; All lookedlike :i Chaos, or new birth; ';; fire broyledEarth, and fcorchedE:lrth it choakcd. Bochby their darings ; Water fo provoked, ij Th1troaring in it camel and '{itbits fom c1 Soonemade the combatant:.abate their force;' The rumbling,hiffing, puffing was fogreat,: The worlds confofion i.tdid feeme to threat;·: ButAire at length, contention Coabat :d . ·:JTh1tbetwiic.tbot and cold, the arbitrated ii The others enmity: being leffe, did ceafc Jll ftor mesnow laid, an they in perfefr peace;J Th1tFire fuouldfirll begm, the 1-db:onfent) Beingthe moft:impatient plenieQt,. 'Butfure the :mtickCrce/1 swere far more n ilde,Elfe of our Sex,why feigned they thofe nine,And pocfy made, Calliope'sowne chide,So 'mongfi:the refl, th, y plac'd the Arts divine:But this weake knot they will full focnc untye,The GrecTi1did noughr, bur pby the foole and lye.7 Let Greeksbe Grecli.S,and Women what they are,Mt:n lnve precedcncy, and ftill excel!,It is but vaine, unjufl:lyro w::igcw:1r,Men can dot: beft, and Women know it wdl;Pl'ehcminencein each, and ll is your ,Yet grant fomc fm1llacknowledgementof ours.8.And oh, ye high flown gnils,thar foa,·cthe s kie5,And everwith your prey, {l.l! catch your pmfe,lf c're you clai nethefc lowly lines, your eye,Give wh'lfome p.,rfley wrc1th, I askc no Bayes:This rneane and unn fined fiuffc of min::, .V/1!1mi KC'ycur gii!tering gold but mote to {hine.A. R. ij,.!1J3 fLFire 1:iTj:. ;!----. -lli,illllm!iii

6O[.thef uureElements.ofthefoure .Elements.,Antiyou Philofophcrs,:f ere you made,A cranfmmation,it was tbrot1ghmine aide.Fire YeSilvcr-fmith ,your ure I do refineis myworth ( both ye) and all things kaow 1 What mingled lay wi,h earth, l cauft to lhine,Whe ·clittle is, I can buchttle lhow,' i BueJeeme Jea veth fe things, my flameafpiresEut whit I am, lee learned GreciJ11sfay 1 To match on high with the Celdliall fires.What I can doe, well !kill'd MechanicksmayThe Sun,an Orbe,of Fire was held of old,'The b nefitall Beings, by me finde;·'Our Sagesnew, anothertale havetol l;Come 6rfi:ye Artills, and declareyour minde.Butbe e what they lift, yet his11fpe , ol was ever fram'd,bat by mymighc; A burAmg fiel'Yhea!:we findrdle{l;0 Mart'1ahft! whlt weaponfor your fioht?{ Andof thefelfe fame n:uurcis with minr,To cryyour valour by, buc it muft feele ! Good fil1e1·Eanh, no wimcffe needsbut chine My force! yo r fwo,d, your Pike, your fl;nt and lleele, :, Howd th his. warm h refrelh thy frozen backs,Yotlr Cannons bootle!fe, and your powdertoogreen, after thy blacks?31And mm thee :iy,Y ithout mine ayd, alas, what cJn theydoc:? Both un and beafr, i:cjo cea hi llpproach, :rne advel'fewau».snot {hak'd, the Mine's not blowne i AndbtrJs do fing,to fee h1 gl1tte1·1ngCoach.And in lefpjght the City keeps her owne' Andthough no 1ghtbut Sal'minderslive in fire;:ButI with ont Granado, or Pemd,'J TheFlye Py i'a:iftacal'd, all udfe expire. cc ope chofegates, that 'fore fo {honrr w;isbarr'd Yetmen and,Allronomersc:m tellYe Iiusb1nd-men, your coulccr'smad by me 1 Fi'icedin heavenlyconfl:ellacionsdwell,'Your tl1Jres,ypur mactocks,:nd what c're y;u fee MyPlanets, of both Sexes, whofeaegree,Subdue the earth, andfieit for yolitrgraine,'Po rHe thenjndg'd worthy a Diety :That foiq time it mi,ghrreguitc your paine;W1d1Omn .1rm'd, a tende by his dog,Though {hong l.i,mbd Pu.leanforg'dtt eyhis skiH,TheTbcbt11ifroutAlerdu, w1tl1l1isclub:1 m 1'e ic flexible QntO hi will.The V:ilfant P,o:Jeuswho Mcdufaflew,Y,· Coo s, your iccbin implements I fram'd, .TheHorfe that kill'd B eUcrophor1, henflew.Y,urfp1 s,pct,pcks,:-Jh telfelneednocname,lly Cra bbe, myScC1Cp1on,fitbes,youmayfee, .Yjm dainty food, I wholfome make I warmeThe m:ad with bJll:tAcc,W:lynwith horfrs three;Yoor 1rin½inglimb s,which winters'cold doth harme; TheR.nm,theBull,tl1cLyon, :mLlrhe eagl ,;TePJracclb ns coo,m vaint's yourskil. The Bear, the Goate,the.Rave,n,and the Ea le,1 ,hymeflry,4nleifeI help youS::il,The C:own, tl;e Whale,theArcher, Bernice H 1re,·c.nJ TheH1drl,Do,phin,Boys,tlaacwatersbtar.-i7. ·W8'u1n4·Nay

of the foure Elements.8,of the 1:! Ic'j ----------9for herluft,Nay ore then thefe, .ivers 'monf'fl: 0:-arsare found,;iiAnd more then bmituh SodsmeWith neighbouringTownes I did confnme toduft,Erid.:1111.r,wherePhaetonwas drown d,'jilial I fayof Lightning,and o'f Thunder,Their magnitude and height fuouldI recount, i WhatWhichKings,:ind mighty ones; 1ma'Z.'dwith wonder.·Myilory to a Volume wculd amount;·1Whichm1d a.clt{ar,(Romes)the worlds proud head.t)uc of amultimde,thefe few I touch,!Fooliilica!igult,creeptinder'sbedYour wifdo'm ciucoflinle gathers much, J Of Metors, 1gnii'F ltUM., and the rcfi,Ile here let paffe, my Choler caufeof w:irres,.Ti·.Bueto leave thofeto'th' wift ,fjudgeis heft,And influenceof diversof chafeHarres,., The rich I oft makepoore,the thong I maime,When in conjuQ,6:ionwith the fun, yet more,Not fparing life when I take the fame;Aucrmenthis hear, which w:istoo hot before :Andin a word, the World I ilial confume,Th Summer ripening Ceafon1 do claime,; ·And all therein at that great dayof door1ie And nun from thirty umo fiftyframe. ·Nocbefore then., ilialceafomy raging ire,Of old, wh,enSacrificeswere diyine,I 0f acceptance·was the. holy figne. And then, becaufeno matter more for fire:'Mouo all my wonderswhich l might recount;: Now Sifters, pray proceed, eachin her courfe,Ther:,s none more firange then t11.i's fuJpherymount i1 AsI: impart your ufefulncifr.,andforce.The choa.kingflames, that .from Vej11viv,;5flewThe over-curicus fecond Pltnyflew:J:.arth.I1'I!,And with theatbes, that it'fometimcs fl1edAp,1/i.,'sjacent p1rts were covered;And though I be a [rrvam to each m:m;1Yec by my force, m1fter my maHer on.What fan1onsTownes t0 cindersh.we 1 turn'd?,Whlt bfting Fons my kindled wrath hath burn' l? The fhcely fea1sof mightyKingsby me :In confus'.dhc:ipsof {lfhes111:,yye fee. ·'Where's Ni,;11S great wal'd Town, md Troyof old ?C.1.ttf,ag1',1ndhundred moe, in flol'icscold,Which wheith1 ycould nor be o're come by foesThe Atrtiy'th(oughmy he pcvictoriousl'Ofe;Old f.iCl'ectZion, I demoltOi'dthee;ijJ great DiJ11a'stemple was by me,AnJI THenext in place, Emh judg'd to be her due,Sifter,in worth I come not fhort of you ;Jn wealth and u(e I doe furpatfeyou all,And Mo:her Earth, ofold, men did me call,Suchwas my fruicfolneffe; in EpithiteWhich none ere gave, nor you could cbime of right,Amongmypraifesthis I count not leafi,I am th' originall of mm and beaft,To tell what fundry fruits my fat Coyleycelds,vine-yards,orchards, gardens, and corne fields, ·f heir kinds-,their tafis, their colours, and their fmels,Would fo p:11fetime, I could faynothiDgclfe;The!'

-·10:1,.;1.,;i------The rich and poort·, wife, foole, :md every fort,Of thefe fo common things, can make repol't:To tell you of my Countries, and my regionsSoone would they paffe,not hundr ds,but ltgions,Mycities famous, dch, and popul us,.Whofe nllmbc1·snow are g1'owneinnumcrous ,l havenot time to thinke of everyp.m,'Yetletme name my Grccia,'tis my he:irtFor Leu·ning, Armes, and Ans, l love it well:But chieflv/caufe the Mufestherc did dwell ; .J.'lehere skip o're nry mounraines, reaching skies,WhetherPyrenian, or the Alpes; both lyesOn either fiacthe country of the Gaulcs,Su-ongforts from Sp1111ijl,;1ndItaliir.11braules,And huge great Taur s,longer then the reft,.Dividing great Afmenu from the leall,AndHemus,whefe {l:eepfidcs, none ooteupon,But hreweJI all, for Jeare mount Heltco11,And wonderous high 0/impur,o(fuch fame,'Thatheavenic felfe was oft call'd by that-name;Sweet Pan1affus,1 docctoo m ch on thee,Unldfe thou prove a better friend to me ;Eut ie skip o're thcfe Hills, not touch a Dale,Nor yet txpatiate, in Temple vale; .Ile here let goe, my Lions of Numcdz a,My p.1nthm.and my Ltop:mls of Libra,TheBehemoth,i11d rlre found Unicorne,Foyfons fme antidote lyes in hii borne.And my Hy 11a.( imitates mans voyce)Out of lm(Tcnumbers, I mi ht pick my chnyc.r,Thoufand in woods, and planes, both wild, and came,But hn , or there, J lifl now none :ctname;of the Foure Elements.of thefoureElements.----------11.,No, though the fawning dog did urge me foreln his behalfe to fpeak J. word the more ;Whofe trul.l:,and valour I might .l:erecommend ;l Bucdmc's tO.) fuorc,andpreciousfo cofpmd.l uchark, )'t worthy Merc?anc who for prize·i Smd forth your welt m:and flups, wherefun dotI1 rire. After three years, when men and meat is fpenMyrich commoditiespayes doubt! renr.t, YeGalenifts,my Drugs that come from thencef' Doccure your patients, fill your purfe witb pence·Befidcsthe ufc you h1ve, of Hearbs and Plant 5 Thanvich leffecofi, ncare home, fupplyesyo '.:nM .hur wanr,.ut amners, w ere got you {hi t sand failes?AndOares t?.row.whenboth my lifters ftiles ?Your Tackling,Anchor, Comp11fetoo is mi .Which guides,whenSun,nor MQon,no Starsnde'ft ·y e m1g. t tyK'mgs, w ho ,ort:your 1:ifting fames o uane.Built Cities, Monuments call'd by ycur mm .Was d1ofecom? ledheapesof m1ffyfiones? es'1h1cy-: ura bmon laid, ought but my bones ?'Yegreedy m1fcrs ho aodig for gold ;For gemmes, for hlvcr, treaforeswhich I hold Willnot my goodly face, your rage fuffice? ·Buryou will le whacin my bowels lyes?And ye; Arnficers, all trades aad Com;Myboumy calls yfluforth co make repo1tqIf ought ycl! haveto afe, to wear,to care /Buewhat l rcclyyeelJ upon your [wcat ?And cholericle hfter, thou ( for all thine ire)Well knowefi, my f ell mull maintain rhy fire.As I ingenuouffy ( w1rh thmks) co!'lfeffeMycold, th}'(fruicfoH)hm.,dothcfave noMTt !

1:2of the Fou eElements,of theFourElements.------,-·-----r3AndRome,her Cttrzii,u can'tforget I think;But how mycold, dry tempcrJworksttp mWhobravelyrotfointomyyawningchinke.The melancholy conllicution.Again,what veines of poyfon in me lye;How ,theAummn.1lfeafon I do fwly ;AsStibiumand unfixt Mercury:And how I force the grey head to obey.;1Withdiveri moe, nay, imo plants it creeps;I 01ouldhere make a ihort,yet true narration, In hot, and cold,and fome beoums with fle.:}'S,Bue th.u thy method is my imic3.tion.- Thus I oc :af1ondeath to m:in and beafr,Now might I {hewmyadverfequality,Whentheyfeekfood, and harme mifhuO: the leafr.And how I oft wortl mans mortality.1; Muchn.1ightI fay,of the Arabia11fands ;Hefometimesfindes, 1mugre his toyling paine,Whichrife like mighty billowcs on clie lands:)'hiflle, and thornes,where he expecl:eegr1ine; Wherein whole Armies. I have overthrown.My fap, co plants and tree,l m fl:not grant,Buewindy fiil:er,'twas when you haveblown .The Vine, the 01ivc, and the F1gcreewant:,The Corne, and H1y, both fall before 1h, yr mowne1 lie faynomore, yet this thing adde I mull:,Rememberfonnes,y m moula is of my dtift-,And buds from fruidull trees, before they'r blowne.Andafter death,whctncr inter'd, or burn'd;Then de rthprevailes,thatNature to! uffice,Asearth at firfr,fo into earth return'd.The tender mother on her lnfant fl.yes. The Husbandknowes no ,v1fe,nor father fans;But tc ali outrages their hunger runncs.Water.Dreadful! examples, focn I might produce,But to foch auditours 'cwereot no ufe.5carce Earth hac.idone,bm th' :mgrywaters mov'd;Aaun, when Ddver dare in hope of golcl,Sifter ( quoth the ) it had full well bel1ov'dT ope thofe veines of ine, auJacious old:Amongyour boafl:ing1,to have praifed me;While th ythui in my irmal lsfee,mt?dive;c urC of your fruitfulneffe, as you fl1allfee :Before they know, they are tntGt d nltvc.Thisyour nrglett, {hcwcsyour ingratitude;Ye affdghtcd w1glm, app.1l1'di owdo you 01akcAndhowy0ur fubttlry would men delude.If once you feele mc,yourfound1ci1;0,q:.uke,Notoneofus, all knowes, that's like to thee,U:c,1Ufein the abyffecf my cb1kc wombe:Everincraving,from the other three:Your Citici and your felvcs l ofc into,11b-.:.Butthot1 arc botind to me,above the rcft;O drcadfol.l-iepnlchtL'! that this is true,Whi.:ham thy drink, thy blood, thy fap,ar.dbefi:.1' 01alJand all h1i C,imp.rny well knew.If I wirhhold,whar art th u,dead,dry lumpAnd lince, f1ire lta.'yfull fadlyknowesThou ! tar'fi no gr.iffc, nor pbnr,nor nee, nor flump.}Vluc 01chath loil:by thefc my drca lfull woes.'lhyAndI

,of the f'our, Elements.of theFour Elements.ISfricncl.Thy extream thirft is snoifiened by mylove.,. The Dolphin (loving mufiqaeJ.Ario11sWithrprings below,and lhowers fc01 above;] The crafty B1rbelJ, whofewit -10thher commenci;Or elfe thy fon-burm face, and ga:1-,mgch;pps;l With thoufands moe,which now I Hfi:aot nnme,Compbincs to ch'heaven.,wheMI withhold mydrop : Thy filenceof thy be1fu, doth caufethe fame.Thy ISear,thy Tygel',and thy Lyon ftout., Mypearlcschatdangle at thy darlings em. ; vWhen I am g0 ne.,their nercendfe none need doubt; Not thou, but !hell-6th yeetds, as Pliny dears-.The Camell hath no firength, thf Bull no force;, Wasevc1·gemfo rich found in thy trunke ?As lEgypt.rwamon Cleoplltra drunke.Nor meed's found in rhe couragmm Horfe.Or hatt thou any colour can come nigh ;Hinde le:1.vctheir Calves, 1:hcElcphanc:th Fens;TlicRomanPurple-,double Tiriandye.The Woo!ves :md favageBeafis, forfakc their Dens.: WhichC.r{.trr.,Coufit!s,'n·ibzmesall adorne;.The JofcyEagle and the Storke flye I w, ., Forit, to fearch my waves,theythoughtfcorne.The Peacock, and the Ollrich, fbarc in woe.: Thy gallantrid1 pel'fumingAmber·grecce The Pine theCedars.,ye an Dapl/ncitree;; I lighdy caft a ilioare as frothy fleece.Do cea{cto flourifu in this mifery.; With row Jing grninesof purefrn1affygold:Man wants his bread,and wine,and pleafam fruits,WllichSp;1i:1esAmcrfotllr,do gladly hold.He knowes fuchfweet lyes not in earths dry roo s,! Emh,thou hail not more Councrys.,Valc:sandMouadr,Then feeks me out, m River and in Well;'.1 Then I hlve Fount:iines, Rivers, Lake! nd Pond :His deadly mallady, I might expell MyfundrySeas, Black,VV'h,te,and ltd ri tiquelfI fopply, his heart and ,e nes. re1oyce;; Io11ia;i,B.i!ticl: c,and the vafr Atlantiquc ,If nor.,foortends his Jife,as did his voyce.; The Poutickc,cafpi1,1,Golden Rivers fine.lhlt this is true, eanh thou canfi:nocdeny; C.Lake, where nought remains alive.I oll t'1inc Egypt,this to vmne;. · '1{pha!tisWhich by my fatting Nih·,. clothyeeld uch ore ; BurI iliould go beyondthee in thy boons-,J If I fl1ouldlhew, more Seas,rhen rhou hJfl:C .Th1c (he can fpare,whrn Nactonsround a1e poo,i,:.'. Butnore this m:iximein Philofophy:VI/henI run low,1 nd not o'rdlow her bnnks; .; Then Se:is are deep, Mounrains are never high.To meet with w.1nr, each wot:fullman erhmks.1 To fp.:akeof kinds of VVaters l'le negled,But fuch I arn, in Rivcrs,(howers and frnng ;. Mydivers Founraines:mdtheir fl-rang die&;nu, wh:it's the wealch chat my rich Occln brmg ?MywholefomeBathes, together with tht;ir cuus .Filhes fo numberlcffeI there do hold ;Mywater S')'i':-r:s,with their guilefull lures:Sir uldAd10ubut buy, ic would exhaufl:thy old.ih'unccnain caufa,of certain ebb,anJ fl.owes;There lives rhcoyly Whale,whom:tll men know,Slid: w al:h1 bm not foch like0 E:m!i chou nuyfr !1; VVhichwondring Ai'ijTo·/,ne'r know .no1

of theFour Elements., of thef ourt :Elements.,. N r--willI fpeakeofwams madeby Arr,Which can to life,refl:orea fainting heart:Nor fruicfulldewes, nor clrops from weeping eyes ;VVhich pittv.moves,andoft d ceives hcwife.Nor yecof Salt, and Sugar, fweet and Cmart,Both whenwe!Hl:,towater we convert.Alas;thy 01ipsand cares could do no goodDid rhcybutwantmy Ocean,and my.Flood.'I he wary Merch:mt, on his wearybeaftTransfers hisgoods,from North and Southand Eaft UnlcffeI eafc his toyle, and doe tranfpore,The wealthyfr3ught, uncohis wifhedPore .Th& be my benefitswhich may fuffice:l now muft !hew whatforte there in me lyes,The flcgmyconftit1,1tionI uphold ;Al humours,Tmnours, th1t are bred of cold.O're childehood, and Winter, 1bear the fway;·. Yet Lrmafor my Regent I obey.' Ad with {howersofc time refreth the earth ;So oft in myexceffe,l caufca de:mh:·And with aboundJnt wet, fo coole the ground;By adding cold to cold, no fruit proves found ;Tl1e Farnier, and the Plowman both complainOf rotten fheep, lean kine, and ri11!dew'd ·grain,.And with my wafting flocd ,and roadng com:nt;Their Cattle, Hay, and Corne, I (weep down current,Nay m:iny tim s, my Ocean breJks his ou ndf.:And with a'lonii11111ent}.the world confounds.And fw;i.llowesCountt·yesup,ne're feen againe:And th1t an Hland makes, which once: wai.tnaine.Thus Albion(tis thought) was cut from Filtll(e,Cicily from It.r!y, by th'likc dunce.,.Andbut ne lan was Affrieaand Spayne,Untdlfira,ght Gtbrdter, did make them cwairie,Som fayI fwallow 1p(fare' tisa notion)· A mighty Country 1th Ailantzc eOcean. -·'.I neednor faymuch of my Haileand Snuw;: MyIceand ':xrream cold.,which atlmenknow;,VVhereofthe Ml, fo ominous I rain'd, ThacI(raelsenemies, therewith wasbrain'd.' Andof mychiHingcoldsJuchplentybe;ThatCattca(114hr hmounrs.,are fddom free:'MineIce doth glazeEuroprbig'fr R.iverso're ·. TillSun releafe their thips can faile no mar;.; Allknow, what mnundarions I have made··.VVhereinnot .men, but fnountainesfeenld towadeAsw enAcfJara,allunderwaterftood, Thu mtwo hundredyear, it ne'rprov'd good.; Dttesltvmgreat ?ehsge,with many nioe ;'(&t thefeare tnfles to the Flood of Noe i TJ1enwh llypet ilh'J,earths ignoble race;:Andto this day, 1mpa1resher beautious (ace,·:Thatafcertimes, fhaHnever feellike woe .1Hercon rm' lfonnes, behold my co!our'dbow·.;Muchm1g cI fayof wra'cks,but that lie fpare;;Andnow giveplaceunto our ftfie1·Aire.j.iCOntrn (quothAire) t?fpeakethe·lafi of yo!! .).Idoefuppofe,you'J yeeld ithoat c nrrole; ',:Though not through 1gnorancc;firftwas my dl!'t';. ,lam the:breath of everyltvmg foul.AndiC .'l .Mnxe------------------- -- '

1gof the FourElements.of the PotitElements.:19Mon:ills, what one of you, that loves not me,·Mymo.ul hotna tur istopurely thinne, .,Aboundantlymore then my fifiersthree?Noplace fubullymade, bur I ger in.And though you love Fire,Barch,and yV.uerwd;I growrriore pureandpri1e,asl mnuntMaherYee Aire, beyond all thefe ye know t exccll. jAndwhen tm rou tr.1 1i'd,tinnfire 'I :iskethe man conde,rn'd, that's near bis death :j So whenI am condens J, I rnrne to watc:rHow oladlylhould his 0 old parch1fe his breath,VVhichmay be done, !:,yliolJing dovn·rily apour.And fu the wealth, th t ever earth did give,ThusI anotherbodycari·aifumC',How freely fl1ou!dit go,fo he mighr Iive. .Andin a trice, my own nacurerefume.No world, thy w1rchmgcraili wereall bur vam.Somef r.this ca re ( oflare) have bein fo bolJ,Jf my pure Aire, thy fonnes did not fu{hm.Mefor no lemenr, longerto bold.The famiL11r,rhirfiy man, that (;ravesfopply. Let fucbfufpcndtheir th mghts,andtilent lie His movcing reafonis, giveleail I,dye.; For all Philofophe srriakeone of me. So loath he is to go,thougfi nlttfre i fpent,] Andwli.a i:.r ofe ag e :, id., orfpake, or wdr.,To bid adue, to his dear Element.,; Ii more aurficnuck tben their modcrne wit.Nay,wlllt are words, which oe reveale the m1 d?! Nexr,of my Fowles fuch multitudes cbere are·Speak, who, or what,they w11l,they are but win .; EmhsBe fts.,a ndVVatcrsFilh,fcarcecmco 1pm .Your Drums, yam-Trumpets, and your Organs found, , TheOffr1c w1ch?er plumes, ch'Eagle with her eyne!VVhac is't? but forced Aire which mufr rebound, The Phren1x too(tf any be) :ire mine;And Cuchare Ecehoes, and report o'th gun; The Stork, the Cran , the Partrich, :10d the Phefant; ·VVhich tells afar, th' exployt ,yhich heh 11hdone. : thc Pye., heJ y,rhe ;Lark ,a preyto th' Pe fanr.Your fangs and pleafant cunes, they are the farm·,; VV thchoufandsrroe, which now I may omit;And fo's the notes which Nightingales do frame.: VVuhoutimpe:ichmenc,to my tale or wir.Yc foroiricrSmiths,if Bellowes once were gone.;: Asmy frefh Aire prelerves.,all things in life;Your r d hot work, more coldlywould go on. Sowhen'ts cormpr, mortality ii rife.Ye Marirl ers,tis I that fill your S.iiks,i Thc nFeavoer!, Purpl s, Pox, and i efiilence ;And fp::edyott to your Parr, with wil11edgales.! VV1thdivers rnoe, orkedeadly confe,ju ,nce.VVfoen burning hear, d lthcaufeyou famt, l cool , : VVhcreoffuch multitudes havedy'd and fleclAnd when I fmile, your Occ:i.n's like a oJ!e.,i Theliving, fcarcehJclpower, to bury 'dead ., 'I ripe the corne, I mrne the grindin ; mtll.;: Yeafa conragious, Countries have me known·.(nd with my fdfe, I every v.icuum hll. ThatbirJ hne not fcap'd earh, a6 they h.w: flown,i'he ruddy fwet·t fanguinc,is like to Aire,· Of 1uurram,Cmle numberldlt did fall,And yomh;and fpring) Cagesto me con p1rc.Menfear'd defirudion epidem icall. ·C :.Thtnfa

--20ofthefoure Elements.-------------- - --- Then of my tempcfts,felt at Sea and La nd,21**** ** 3'- * Which neither fhips nor lioufescould w1thHand.Wh1cwoeful wracksl'le made, may wel appear, 1'4'i' 4ofA't,.,If nought wasknown, but that before A lgzrc. ,Where famousCbarlesthe :fift,more l ffe fuft 1 d,Then ir.ihis long hot wars, which .Mtllazn gaind.How many rich fraughtvdfells, have I ltt?,iSome uponfands,fo e upon rocks have mr. ome haveI forc··d 'to gaine an unknown !ho re;Some overwelm'dwichwaves,and feen no more.A ain what tcmpefis,.and what hcricanoesHe former foure.,now ending theirDifK!ow s VVdlern U1cs, Cbriftopbers,Sarhadoe.r; courfe,·VVhere neither houfcs,trees, nor plan s,I pare'. Ceafingto vaunt,t11eirgood.,orthreat tlieirBucfomefalldown,and fome lyeup w1chaue.' . f ,:ce.9Eart ·quaksfo hurtful a d ofear'd of all,Loe!orher fourefiep up, craveleave to tl1ewJmprifoncdI, am the ongmal. ., Thenative qualities,that fro01eachflow,Then whatprodig oustigHts,fomcume I {ho, -.; Butfirflthey wifelyiliew'd their high defcenr,As battells pitcht itl 'Aire ( s Counme kn w,); 1chcldefiDJughter to each Element;Their joyning,fighu g,forcmg, and reti:eat, 1,Cholerw.1so wn'd by Ffre, and Blood by Aire,That earth appearesm heaven,oh wonder gr at ·fl:F.mhknewher blackfw:irchchilde,Water her faire1Sometim s ft range flamingfwords, and blazing a , Allhavingmadeobeyfanceto eachMother,Jlortentious fignes,of Fammes,Plagues:inda s: , 1Hadleaveto fpe:ike,fucceedingone the ocher;VVhich makesthe mig ty Monar hsfear their Fa.e , :1.But'mongfrthemfdves rheywereat variance,'Bydcach,orgreatmut2t1onsof their Smer.}WJ1ichof the foure {hauldhavepredominance;I havefaid lcffe, then did myfillersthree ' ./Cholerhotly daim'd, dght by her mother,Bur what's their wonh, or force ,but more in mt:.,Vh::,llld precedencyof all theother.·To adde coall I've faid, wasmy ii;itent,iButSanguineqicl dilda i ;·what!hettquir'd.,11But dare not go1 beyondmy IHemcnt JP/eadingher felfe, wasmoftof all delir'd;;PtoudMebncnoly, .moreenviousthen the reft,Of ;Thefecond,chm:l,or lafhould not digefi;;Shewasthe filencefiof all the fou.r ,H rwifcd mefpake not muchJbutthoughtthe more.C 3ColdOf the foure Humours in·l·-.Mans conftitution.yv

22of the FoarHumoursin mar;,sConftitution.-'---------------23· Whatmakes himface is foe,wichoucappal?or fcale

TENTH MUSE t; Lately fprur1g up in AMER 1cA. ;, . OR : ; Several! Poems, compiled f 1 with great variety of VVit and Learning,full of delight. t . , Wherein efpccially is contained a com-t . pleat difcourfe and def

The Tenth Muse. Catherine Chung

Tenth ISBN: 9780062574084 304 pages 8 Mb

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  • The Tenth Muse
  • Catherine Chung
  • Page: 304
  • Format: pdf, ePub, fb2, mobi
  • ISBN: 9780062574084
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
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Bestsellers ebooks free download The Tenth Muse (English Edition) by Catherine Chung

A RECOMMENDED BOOK FROM:Los Angeles Times * USA Today * O, the Oprah Magazine * Buzzfeed * The Rumpus * Entertainment Weekly * Elle * BBC * Christian Science Monitor * Electric Literature * The Millions * LitHub * Publishers Weekly * Kirkus * Refinery29 * Thrillist * BookBub * Nylon * Bustle * Goodreads An exhilarating, moving novel about a trailblazing mathematician whose research unearths her own extraordinary family story and its roots in World War II From the days of her childhood in the 1950s Midwest, Katherine knows she is different, and that her parents are not who they seem. As she matures from a girl of rare intelligence into an exceptional mathematician, traveling to Europe to further her studies, she must face the most human of problems—who is she? What is the cost of love, and what is the cost of ambition? These questions grow ever more entangled as Katherine strives to take her place in the world of higher mathematics and becomes involved with a brilliant and charismatic professor. When she embarks on a quest to conquer the Riemann hypothesis, the greatest unsolved mathematical problem of her time, she turns to a theorem with a mysterious history that may hold both the lock and the key to her identity, and to secrets long buried during World War II. Forced to confront some of the most consequential events of the twentieth century and rethink everything she knows of herself, she finds kinship in the stories of the women who came before her, and discovers how seemingly distant stories, lives, and ideas are inextricably linked to her own. The Tenth Muse is a gorgeous, sweeping tale about legacy, identity, and the beautiful ways the mind can make us free.

Sappho: The Tenth Muse (9780312303884 - Sappho: The Tenth Muse (9780312303884): Freedman, Nancy: Books. Article about The Tenth Muse by The Free Dictionary
Looking for The Tenth Muse? Find out information about The Tenth Muse. fl. early 6th cent. B.C., greatest of the early Greek lyric poets , b. Mytilene on Lesbos. The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food eBook: Jones -
The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food - Kindle edition by Jones, Judith. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like The Tenth Muse (The Aphrodite Project - The Tenth Muse (The Aphrodite Project) (9781786513380): McBride, Belinda: Books. The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food: Jones, Judith -
The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food [Jones, Judith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food. The Tenth Muse: A Novel (Audible Audio Edition) The Tenth Muse: A Novel (Audible Audio Edition): Catherine Chung, Cassandra Campbell, HarperAudio: Audible Audiobooks. The Tenth Muse by Catherine Chung - Books - Hachette
A gripping novel about a brilliant and gifted young woman, her struggle to succeed in a male-dominated world, and the secret of her past bound up in World War Plano Reads: The Tenth Muse – Plano Library Learns
Join the Brown Bag Book Club this July to discuss The Tenth Muse by Catherine Chung. We will meet on Thursday, July 23, at 12 p.m. using The Tenth Muse - Bookshop
A RECOMMENDED BOOK OF 2019 FROM: Buzzfeed * The Rumpus * Entertainment WeeklyThe first thing I remember being said of me with any consistency THE TENTH MUSE: SHAKESPEARE'S SONNETS
THE TENTH MUSE: SHAKESPEARE'S SONNETS INTERPRETED - Kindle edition by Loomes, Stephen, Shakespeare, William. Download it once and read it on The Tenth Muse by Catherine Chung: Summary and reviews
In The Tenth Muse, Catherine Chung offers a gorgeous, sweeping tale about legacy, identity, and the beautiful ways the mind can make us free. The first thing I The Tenth Muse Seminary Co-op Bookstores
A RECOMMENDED BOOK FROM: Los Angeles Times * USA Today * O, the Oprah Magazine * Buzzfeed * The Rumpus * Entertainment The Tenth Muse (@thetenthmuse__) • Instagram photos and
The Tenth Muse. Adelaide Artist Private collection pieces available for sale. Including commissions. For Sale's profile picture. For Sale. Customer Love's profile

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