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The Tender Bar is the story of a young man who knows his father only as 'The Voice,' of a single mother struggling to make a better life for her son, and of a riotously dysfunctional family from Long Island. But more than anything else, Moehringer's book is a homage to the culture of the local pub. The Tender Bar received high praise for its visceral language that captured the aura and meaning of bar culture. Its themes include social isolation, community found in urban areas, and negotiating the demands of masculinity. In the prologue, the author writes that the “tender bar.

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The Tender Bar PDF Free Download

Bar and Cellar Management can be an exciting and rewarding experience, if it is done right. However, if you are not trained it can lead to stock deficits, drunken arguments and just a boat load of hassle!

The Tender Bar Pdf

This online bar management training guide has been put together to give you a detailed understanding of everything you should know about bar and cellar management. It covers all aspects from understanding ABV’s, Point Of Sale merchandising, staff training, changing kegs and even how to pour the perfect pint!.

Bar managers are generally underestimated professionals, they are regarded as just ‘pint pullers’ but we all know different, we understand that there are a hundred and one things we need to do everyday, a dozen different laws to adhere to, we work unsocial hours and not only that we have to first spend weeks in a classroom getting our personal license.

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The information in this guide will serve you well; we hope that by the end of it you will have all the information you need at your fingertips to run an efficient and profitable bar.

As the leading restaurant and bar management training and resource website in the UK we have the knowledge and expertise to help you run a successful bar. We have a lot of experience in the industry and are now able to share our experiences with you.

Learn how to run a bar the way we do, with tried and tested hints, tips, examples and step by step instructions. Each of the main topics involved in running a bar are covered in our free training book, have a look at the quick contents on the right hand side of the page for more details.

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You can also download all of the training covered on the website as a free pdf by clicking on the link below: