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Lieutenant Colonel

  • Author : Rick Shelley
  • Publisher : Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.
  • Release Date : 2011-07-06
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages : 292
  • ISBN 10 : 9781936535361
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Mercenary Lon Nolan returns in a mind-blowing, far-future military science fiction thriller from the national bestselling author of Major. The year is 2804 AD. Humanity has colonized the universe. But the authority of the Confederation of Human Worlds is spread thin. Where the army of planet Earth cannot reach, mercenaries must keep the peace—and the Dirigent Mercenary Corps are the best of the best. Lon Nolan has distinguished himself at the DMC, and he has the battle scars to prove it. Now, the governor of the isolated mining planet of Bancroft again needs Lon’s help. The Colonial Mining Cartel is terrorizing the planet, and Lon is the only person who can stop it. He’d never thought he’d have to return, and now he’s going back to face a more disciplined adversary than ever before. This time, the responsibility for the Second Battalion falls on him. “Rick Shelley was a soldier at heart, and his books were written from the heart. They carry the real feel of the sweat, blood, and camaraderie of those on the front lines.” —Jack Campbell, New York Times–bestselling author “Rick Shelly knows how to write compelling military science fiction thrillers that are so action packed, readers hardly have a moment for an oxygen break.” —

The Loyal Lieutenant

Author : George Hincapie
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Trading on the sterling reputation that enabled him to survive a widely publicized doping confession, American cyclist “Big George” Hincapie—a record seventeen-time Tour de France participant, Olympian, and key witness in the Lance Armstrong doping case—offers an insightful account of his esteemed career and a sports era defined by performance-enhancing drug use. In this highly anticipated cycling memoir, Big George Hincapie provides the most comprehensive account of a dark period in professional cycling, in which doping scandals have decimated the careers of some of the top athletes in the field. The Loyal Lieutenant reveals how Hincapie’s life has been intrinsically tied to the sport he loves, from his earliest days in Queens, where he was influenced by his Colombian father’s love of cycling and the Colombian “cycling warrior” archetype. Hincapie takes us through his amateur years to the Olympics, and chronicles his exhilarating ride as a professional, including finding his true calling as Lance Armstrong’s most prized “domestique”—leading his then best friend to seven straight Tour de France victories. Hincapie speaks openly about his relationship with Armstrong, how he himself began doping, and why he quit long before the headline-making revelations. His personal evolution is the journey of a man dedicated to coming clean about his past and to restore honor to the sport he loves.