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As I have talked about in previous posts, diy escape room printable games are a great way to bring the escape room experience home. The options for games just keeps growing. The way games are prepared and played also vary. Some are completely self-contained in the printable files. It includes story, puzzles, clues and setup directions. Others may have a list of physical objects that are needed to setup the game. Some also include online components – website or app to check answers; sound tracks; detailed setup instructions.

The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton, 311, download free ebooks, Download free PDF EPUB ebook. Jul 01, 2021 The Eisner Award-winning miniseries is here! Scott Free is the greatest escape artist who ever lived. So great that he escaped Granny Goodness’s gruesome orphanage and the dangers of Apokolips to travel across galaxies and set up a new life on Earth with his wife, the former Female Fury known as Big Barda.

In this post I’ll list the games that I have found around the web. I have not had a chance to play all of the games listed. I am including links to the games and some provide me a commission on the game’s sale. I’ll also link to any other posts that I have done about a particular game.

Printable Escape Room Games

Space Pirate Attack –You’re on board a spaceship, a passenger ship to Mars. But you didn’t expect to be attacked by space pirates during your journey. Now you’re locked in the cargo hold and the blast doors won’t open. Any moment you and your fellow passengers could be ejected into the cold heart of space. What will you do to ESCAPE?

The printable game includes the story, instructions, puzzles and a list of required physical household objects. Items like straws, folders, and rubbermaid or tupperware containers.

My review –Escape Room Kit Review – Space Pirate Attack

Get this Game – Space Pirate Attack

Color Crisis- Everything’s turning black and white! A mysterious meteor has drained all the color from the earth. The only color left is locked in an underground vault. Can your team escape from the vault and release color back into the world before it’s too late? Humanity is counting on you to solve the Color Crisis!

The printable game includes the story, instructions, puzzles and a list of required physical household objects. Items like balloons, water color paints, and small bottles of water.

My review – Escape Room Kit Review – Color Crisis

Get this game – Color Crisis Escape Game

Science Lab Breakout – A mysterious science corporation invites you to a private tour of their facilities—and then leaves you locked in a room! Why you? What do they want? And most importantly, how do you escape? It’s up to your and your team to find out, but the clock is already ticking…

The printable game includes the story, instructions, puzzles and a list of required physical household objects. Items like a clock, water pitcher, book and tacks.

My review – Escape Room Kit Review – Science Lab Breakout

Get this game – Science Lab Breakout Escape Game

Oh No! Santa’s List is Missing! – Family friendly storyline and Santa Safe! Mrs. Claus is tired of spending Christmas Eve alone so she has hidden Santa’s List (among other things) hoping they will stay a bit longer and celebrate Christmas Eve with her. Help save Christmas by finding the items in less than an hour so Santa can deliver the toys on time.

The game kit includes printable files, game master script, physical items list and a MP3 sound file. Suggested setup time is about 1.5 hours.

My review – Not reviewed yet. (Have you played? Please leave a comment about this game)

Get this game – Santa’s Missing List Printable Game

An Sweet Tooth Mystery“A Sweet Tooth Mystery” is a preplanned escape room designed for any age who is ready for a challenge!

The escape room printable game kit includes detailed directions on how to set up the room, instructions on how operate the challenges, a materials list of things you will need, print off activity sheets and much more.

My review – Not reviewed yet. (Have you played? Please leave a comment about this game)

Get this game – Sweet Mystery Escape Room Printable Game

Lost MummyMysterious kids escape room kit that transforms your home into an ancient adventure!

This game includes all pieces required for complete game play. They do give many extras that you can add to increase the feeling of the game – posters, invites, props, music. None is required though. Their are pieces that require cutting out and some basic assembly. This can be done before or made as part of the game.

My review – Kids Party Review – Lost Mummy

Get this game – Lost Mummy Escape Room Kit

Escape QuestTransform your next kid’s party into a time travel escape room adventure.

This printable game is especially made for younger escape room players. It includes all the pieces for the game in the printable files. Setup instructions are included and also available online. Extras like editable party invites and posters are provided so this can easily be part of a birthday or other party.

My review – Escape Quest Kit Game Review

Get this game – Escape Quest Escape Room Game

Rebel RevoltRebel Revolt is A treasonous Escape Room Kit That Transforms Your Home Into A daring adventure.

The printable files will include the instructions, puzzles, clues and other items. Most items must be cut out and should be done before the start of the game. A website is used for some of the game’s story and to check answers. It can be played without access to the site though.

My review – I have played this game, but have not posted my review yet.

Get this game – Rebel Revolt Printable Escape Room Game

Escape TeamEscape Team is a digital-physical escape game: solve puzzles using pen and paper, racing against a merciless countdown in the digital world.

Please read our. By using this Web site, you accept these. Thomas jefferson's creme brulee pdf free download.

This one is a combination of paper and an app. The game’s puzzles are printable files and the app has the timer, clue system, answer checker and story. You purchase different games through the app. They offer a free training game.

My review – Escape Team App Review

Get this game – Escape Team Game

Escape This PodcastEscape rooms played verbally, in the style of a tabletop role play game or text-based adventure. Play yourself at home and then listen to the episodes to see how you compared with our guests!

Maybe not truly a printable escape room game, this is a podcast with detailed notes that plays like a D&D or old school text adventure game. Each podcast is a new escape room to solve.

My review – Not reviewed yet. (Have you played? Please leave a comment about this game)

Get this game – Escape This Podcast or wherever you get your podcasts.


Download The Lock Artist –

Steve Hamilton


Pdf Free Escape

Prize-winning crime author Steve Hamilton’s hugely commercial mainstream breakout tells the extraordinary story of a safe-cracker trying to unlock the key to his past.

Michael hit the headlines once before, a seven-year-old kid the papers called The Miracle Boy on account of how he survived the terrible incident that took his parents. But although his escape was miraculous, it left him unable to speak. Taunted as a freak, school becomes a fresh nightmare, until Michael discovers he has a special talent that makes people sit up and take notice: he can open locks.

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But a teenage prank, breaking into the house of a rival school’s quarterback, lands him in hot water, and despite his best intentions, Michael soon finds himself on a downward slope that ends with expert instruction on how to open safes. And unless he agrees to put his newfound skills to use, the mob are going to kill the father of the girl he now loves.

So begins an extraordinary life of crime – at once terrifying and exhilarating – while all the while, Michael plots how to turn the tables on his employer, win back Amelia, and find the key to unlocking his traumatic childhood memories.

The Escape Artist Pdf Free Download Windows

Download The Lock Artist –

Steve Hamilton

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The Escape Artist Pdf Free Download Free

Download The Lock Artist –

Steve Hamilton

EPUB ebook