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Madcap may pdf free download. Taylor, Taylors or Taylor's may refer to:


  • Taylor (surname)
  • Taylor (given name), including Tayla and Taylah
  • Taylor sept, a branch of Scottish clan Cameron



  • Electoral district of Taylor, South Australia
  • Taylor, Australian Capital Territory, planned suburb


United States[edit]

  • Taylor, Alaska, a place in Alaska

Businesses and organisations[edit]

  • Taylor's (department store) in Quebec, Canada
  • Taylor Guitars, an American guitar manufacturer
  • Taylor University, in Upland, Indiana, U.S.
  • Taylor's University, commonly referred to as Taylor's, in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • John Taylor & Co, or Taylor's Bell Foundry, Taylor's of Loughborough, or Taylor's, in England
  • Taylor Company, a maker of foodservice equipment owned by Middleby Corporation

Ann Taylor

Science and technology[edit]

  • Taylor's theorem, in calculus
  • Taylor series, in mathematics
  • AMD Taylor, alternate name for the Turion 64 X2 computer processor
  • Taylor knock-out factor, for evaluating the stopping power of hunting cartridges

Other uses[edit]

  • Taylor Series, infinite series of polynomials which asymptotically approaches infinitely differentiable functions
  • Taylor's law, an empirical law in ecology
  • Taylor rule, in economics
  • Taylor Law, an article of New York State Law
  • Taylor (crater), on the Moon
  • 'Taylor' (song) by Jack Johnson, 2004
  • USS Taylor, the name of several American ships

See also[edit]

Taylor Firearms

  • Taylorism, a theory of scientific management, named after Frederick Winslow Taylor

Taylor' S Gift Pdf Free Download Windows 10

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