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Take the cannoli pdf free download windows 10

Download Fundamentals of Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! PDF Free

Download Fundamentals of Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! Books Free

Download Fundamentals of Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! Free

Download Fundamentals of Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! PDF

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Download Fundamentals of Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! Books

Carmela Corleone
The Godfather character
First appearanceThe Godfather
Last appearanceThe Godfather: The Game
Created byMario Puzo
Portrayed byMorgana King (48–62)
Francesca De Sapio (20–26)
In-universe information
SpouseVito Corleone (1915–1955, Vito's death)
ChildrenSonny Corleone
Fredo Corleone
Michael Corleone
Connie Corleone
RelativesFrancesca Corleone (granddaughter)
Kathryn Corleone (granddaughter)
Frank Corleone (grandson)
Santino Corleone Jr.(grandson)
Vincent Corleone (grandson)
Anthony Corleone (grandson)
Mary Corleone (granddaughter)
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Carmela Corleone (1897–1959) a fictional character in Mario Puzo's 1969 novel The Godfather. Carmela is portrayed by Italian-AmericanMorgana King in Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 film adaptation of the novel, and in The Godfather Part II (1974).

Take The Cannoli PDF Free Download

She and her husband Vito, a crime boss, have four children: Santino ('Sonny'), Frederico ('Fredo'), and Michael, and one daughter Constanzia ('Connie').


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Carmela was born in Sicily in 1897 and emigrated to the United States shortly after the turn of the century. She married Vito Corleone in 1915; they were married for 40 years until Vito's death in 1955. They had four children – Sonny, Fredo, Michael and Connie. They also took in Sonny's friend Tom Hagen, who later served as the family consigliere.

In the book, Carmela Corleone is portrayed as a traditional Italian immigrant woman who speaks in very broken English. In the movies, however, she speaks fluent English as an adult, with a marked New York accent. In the novel, she develops a close relationship with Michael's girlfriend and future wife, Kay. She is given more expansive dialogue in The Godfather Part II, notably when she confronts her daughter Connie about her behavior early in the film, and when she discusses family life with Michael, who fears that his role as Don of the Corleone criminal empire will cost him his family. Carmela Corleone dies toward the end of the sequel.

Carmela was disturbed by Vito's change from a kind, quiet young man to a pragmatic and ruthless criminal. However Carmela seems to forgive Vito for his many crimes, because he remains essentially a good man who is devoted to his family. Devoutly Catholic, Carmela attends Mass every day to pray for her husband's soul to keep him from 'going down there.'

In The Godfather Part II's flashback scenes, the young Carmela is portrayed by Francesca De Sapio.

Take The Cannoli PDF Free DownloadTake The Cannoli PDF Free Download

Her first name is almost never mentioned, in either the movies or the book, though it is referenced in the sequel books.

Sequel novel[edit]

Carmela is a major character in the 2012 prequel novel The Family Corleone, which portrays their early years together raising a family as Vito becomes a crime boss.

Take The Cannoli Pdf Free Download Windows 10


Family members[edit]

Take The Cannoli PDF Free Download

Pdf Download

  • Vito Corleone—Husband; played by Marlon Brando in The Godfather, played by Robert De Niro in The Godfather Part II
  • Santino 'Sonny' Corleone—Eldest son; played by James Caan
  • Tom Hagen—informally adopted son, played by Robert Duvall
  • Frederico 'Fredo' Corleone—Middle son; played by John Cazale
  • Michael Corleone—Youngest son; played by Al Pacino
  • Constanzia 'Connie' Corleone—Daughter; played by Talia Shire
  • Frank Corleone—Grandson
  • Santino Corleone, Jr.—Grandson
  • Francesca Corleone—Granddaughter, twin of Kathryn Corleone
  • Kathryn Corleone—Granddaughter, twin of Francesca Corleone
  • Vincent Corleone—Grandson; played by Andy García
  • Anthony Corleone—Grandson; played by Franc D'Ambrosio
  • Mary Corleone—Granddaughter; played by Sofia Coppola
  • Victor Rizzi—Grandson
  • Michael Rizzi—Grandson


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