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Author:Rochelle Paige [Paige, Rochelle]
Language: eng
Format: epub, azw
Tags: General Fiction
Publisher: Rochelle Paige
Published: 2014-12-27T23:00:00+00:00

Chapter 5

Shoot For The Moon Even If You


Eliza didn’t need to make a rational decision about my marking her. She needed to trust her heart and our feelings for each other, but her head was so messed up because of those damn dreams that she had convinced herself that I didn’t really want her. Not that I’d helped the situation much with how we’d started. I’d created this mess by feeding into her insecurities, and now, it was my job to convince her that I was in this for the long haul.

For the last month, I’d tried to balance Grace and Hunter’s advice without coming across too strongly, but I was done with that now. It was time to “man the fuck up,” as Hunter had put it. It had worked to get her to tell me about her dreams, so maybe it would work to get her to finally believe that I would be her mate forever.

When we had stood at the altar with my brother and Grace for their wedding, the sense of wrongness had overwhelmed me. Six months had passed since the night I’d whispered the mating words to her, and enough was fucking enough. Come hell or high water, by the end of tonight, Eliza would have no question who she belonged to—me.

Letting myself into her home while she was asleep was probably frowned upon by most people, but did I give a fuck about what anyone else thought? Desperate times called for desperate measures. Damn woman was almost as stubborn as I was, but not quite. Whoever said that all was fair in love and war had it right. As the pack enforcer, I was more comfortable with war than love, so it was about time I used those skills to tie Eliza to me.

As quietly as possible, I crept into her bedroom and prepared for my mission. Then I settled in to wait until she stirred. But as the minutes ticked by, I began to get restless—visions of what was to come once Eliza woke up burning in my brain. Determination to tear down her walls brick by brick fueled me. Had she been awake already, my smirk would have warned her that I was up to no good. If that didn’t do it when she did wake up, then the boner from hell pressed against my pants would give my intentions away.

Standing at the foot of her bed, I waited for her eyelids to flutter open. When dreams weren’t plaguing her, she was a sound sleeper, which I’d used to my advantage well tonight. Finally, she stirred in the bed, and her eyelids popped open when she realized she couldn’t move her arms or legs.

“Hey, dream girl,” I whispered.

“What the hell, Spencer?” she spit out, the sleepiness quickly leaving her eyes as they lit with anger.

A dark chuckle escaped my lips as I walked closer. Eliza struggled against the cuffs until she finally understood that she wasn’t going to break free from them. The sheet slipped off her body and revealed her naked flesh to my starving eyes.

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Shoot For The Moon Pdf Free Download Windows 10