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A revealing memoir of Colombian television journalist Virginia Vallejo's affair with the 'King of Cocaine,' notorious Medellín drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Soon to be a major motion picture starring Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. At 33, Virginia Vallejo was media elite. A renowned anchorwoman and socialite, and a model who appeared on magazine covers worldwide, Vallejo was the darling of Colombia's most powerful politicians and billionaires. Meeting Pablo Escobar in 1983, and becoming his mistress for many years, she witnessed the rise of a drug empire that was characterized by Escobar's far-reaching political corruption, his extraordinary wealth, and a network of violent crime that lasted until his death in 1993. In this highly personal and insightful story, Vallejo characterizes the duality of Escobar's charm and charisma as a benefactor to the people of Colombia, and the repulsion of his criminal actions as a tyrannical terrorist and enemy of many world leaders. Told from the present day perspective, and reflecting on her cooperation with the US Department of Justice, in 2006, as she testified against high-ranking Colombian ministers on trial for conspiracy and murder, Vallejo offers a compelling work of intimate reflection and critical journalism--a unique perspective on the Colombian drug wars and the endlessly fascinating figure, Pablo Escobar.

Product Details :

Genre: Biography & Autobiography
Author: Virginia Vallejo
Publisher: Anchor Canada
Release: 2018-06-19
File: 416 Pages
ISBN-13: 9780385690140
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Download Free Pablo Escobar, mon père (French Edition) Digital Book

by Escobar, Juan Pablo (Paperback)

Book Title : Pablo Escobar, mon père (French Edition)
Pablo escobar pdf free download pdfWriter : Escobar, Juan Pablo (Paperback) (Digital Book & Audiobook)
Format : Epub,PDF,Audiobook
Book Category : Book
Reviewer : 81
Book Rating : 4.5
Normal Price : $23.50
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“What you don’t know would make a great book.” –Sydney Smith

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