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The literature we make available on this page is Home Group Approved Literature of the Alive & Free Home Group of Narcotics Anonymous. Again, for our Group purpose, the Alive & Free Nomads Home Group does not recognize the following versions of the Basic Text as valid NA literature:. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software is the free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents. And now, it's connected to the Adobe Document Cloud − making it easier than ever to work across computers and mobile devices.

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A Princess Of Zamarra
A Saint Beckons
A Day In The Life
Rise Of The Night Creatures
New Day Rising
Bloodsworth Bayou
Golem Gauntlet
Shrine Of The Salamander
A Flame In The North
A Shadow In The North
Escape Neuburg Keep
Any Port In A Storm
Below Zero Point
Tales From The Bird Islands
The Ravages Of Fate
Nye's Song
A Knight's Trial
Return To G15-275
Devil's Flight
Above The Waves
The Curse Of Drumer
The Word Fell Silent
A Strange Week For King Melchion The Despicable
Sharkbait's Revenge
Tomb Of The Ancients
A Midwinter Carol
The Dead World
Waiting For The Light
Contractual Obligation
Garden Of Bones
The Hypertrout
The Golden Crate
In The Footsteps Of A Hero
Soul Tracker
Planet Of The Spiders
Beggars Of Blacksand
The Diamond Key
Wrong Way Go Back
Hunger Of The Wolf
Isle Of The Cyclops
The Cold Heart Of Chaos
The Black Lobster
Impudent Peasant!
Curse Of The Yeti
Bad Moon Rising
Riders Of The Storm
Bodies In The Docks
House Of Horror
Rebels Of The Dark Chasms
Midnight Deep
Lair Of The Troglodytes
The Trial Of Allibor's Tomb

by Gaetano Abbondanza House Of Horror [DOC]
Soul Tracker : Day Of The Supernaturals [DOC]
Devil's Flight [DOC]
by Ulysses Ai The Diamond Key [DOC]
Wrong Way Go Back [DOC]
Planet Of The Spiders [DOC]
The Golden Crate [DOC]
The Hypertrout [DOC]
Contractual Obligation [DOC] [TXT]
The Dead World [DOC]
The Ravages Of Fate [DOC] [DOCX]
Return To G15-275 [DOC]
by Tammy Badowski Appointment With Lord Azzur [DOC]
Dragon's Bane [DOC]
Escape Neuburg Keep (WARNING: GRAPHIC) [DOC]
The House Of Venus (WARNING: GRAPHIC) [DOC]
The House Overlooking The River (WARNING: GRAPHIC) [DOC]
Midnight Rogue II [DOC]
Rise Of The Night Creatures [DOC]
Vegan Slut [DOC]
by Zachary Carango Phobia [PDF]
A Handful Of Dust [RTF]
Incredible Shrinking Knight [DOC]
Red World [PDF]
Above The Waves [PDF]
by Simon Christopher Chapman Gem Runner [RTF]
Golem Gauntlet [RTF]
by Victor Cheng In The Footsteps Of A Hero [DOC]
Kill The Beast [DOC]
From The Shadows [RTF]
by Kieran Coghlan Hunger Of The Wolf [DOC]
To Catch A Thief [RTF]
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Waiting For The Light [RTF]
A Princess Of Zamarra [PDF] [RTF]
by Robert Douglas Snakeland Scorpion [DOC]
Prison Of Pestilence [DOC]
The Curse Of Drumer [DOC] [WPD]
Below Zero Point [DOC]
Any Port In A Storm [DOC] [ODT]
by Ramsay Duff The Wrath Of Cain [DOC]
Rise Of Skarlos [DOC]
The Achaeid Book 1 : The Enriyes [RTF]
Legacy Of Enoch [DOC]
The Scarlet Thief [RTF]
by Hugh Eldred-Grigg Midnight Deep [DOC]
by Richard Evans A Shadow In The North [DOCX]
A Flame In The North [DOCX]
by Cian Gill Bloodsworth Bayou [DOC]
by Sagi Hed Realm Of The Vampire [ZIP]
by Stuart Lloyd War Of Deities - Part One [DOC]
Shadowcaster [DOC]
The Triad Of Skulls [DOC]
Tomb Of The Ancients [DOC]
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Labyrinth Of The Father [DOCX]
by Gavin Mitchell Outsider! [HTML] [DOC]
New Day Rising - The First Incoherent Adventure! [DOCX]
New Day Rising - Another World [DOCX] [DOC]
A Day In The Life [DOCX]
by Simon Osborne Bodies In The Docks [DOC]
Curse Of The Yeti [DOC] [PDF]
by Stacey Paulson Grisly Death [RTF]
by Philip Sadler Hellfire [DOC]
Riders Of The Storm [DOC]
House Of Pain [DOC]
Deathtrap [DOCX]
by Al Sander The Cold Heart Of Chaos [DOC] [TXT]
Beggars Of Blacksand [DOC] [PDF]
by Jeff Sinasac The Trial Of Allibor's Tomb [DOC]
by J.P. Smith Pit Of Peril [DOC]
by Davy Stedham Bad Moon Rising [DOC]
by Various The Aleff [PDF]
by Alessandro Viola Redundant! [PDF] [RTF]
by Alec Worley Garden Of Bones [DOC]
by Andrew Wright The Black Lobster [DOC]
Impudent Peasant! [DOC] [PDF]
Lair Of The Troglodytes [DOC]
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The Hills Of Phoros [PDF]
Rampage! [PDF]
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Skies In The Darkness by Tammy Badowski [DOCX]
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​​​​​​​​​​​The Grey Book

First Draft of the Basic Text to be sent out to the Fellowship for input and review

Predecessor to the the true Basic Text of NA, The Approval Form. NA Groups reviewed this and it shaped Narcotics Anonymous philosophy and literature. Many Groups studied this in meetings and used it to develop input of their own. This was official 'Home Group Approved' NA Literature for a great many Groups in the early eighties, and continues to be Home Group Approved NA Literature for many Traditionalist Groups to this day, including the Alive & Free Nomads Home Group that maintains this site. Some Groups publish this as historical only, and 'not for distribution'. The Alive & Free Home Group Considers this piece valuable NA literature. We proudly proclaim 'This is approved literature of the Alive & Free Nomads Home Group and we offer and intend it to be freely distributed to the still-suffering addict!' It is not 'Fellowship Approved' meaning all Groups have approved it. It is approved for use by our Home Group and can be approved by your Group as well because it was written in Open Participation by unpaid NA members as a labor of love, by addicts, for addicts, about addicts and recovery from addiction! The book is copyrighted - The NA Groups own it! These means you cannot sell it for personal profit, nor should your Group or any service for NA mark it up. It should be distributed free whenever possible and at-cost only when necessary. Do not let a corporation that has usurped the NA name tell you otherwise. The Groups own this material - not any world service body.

The ONLYversion of the Basic Text that can truly be called 100% Fellowship Approved!

There no longer exists a mechanism by which Groups can be involved the way they should. When such a mechanism did exist, this was the only Basic Text to be approved by the Fellowship as a whole with no subversion of Group conscience or the open participation process. Every 'officially' (CARENA, WSO Inc, NAWS Inc) published version of the Basic Text has unauthorized changes, including the First and Second Editions.

Very close to the Approval Form, but with some unauthorized changes. Many Traditionalist Groups, including ours, were not aware of these changes until very recently. The changes are few, but do exist. A good number of NA Groups, especially those who adhere to the Traditions use this as NA Home Group Approved Literature.

The Baby Blue
Third Edition, Revised with Original 4th & 9th Traditions

It is only recently being realized how much material was removed from our headers that should not have been when the revisions were made. Because of this, there is an effort under way to restore to the headers that which was not supposed to be removed, while keeping intact the changes that were authorized. A very large number of NA Groups (Traditionalist and otherwise) use this book. Since 2013 that number has not only been growing daily, but exponentially!

Out Of The Blue PDF Free Download


The following versions of the Basic Text are not published here because they contain too many egregious

changes for our Group to be able to approve them in accordance with the will of a Loving Higher Power. We make no judgment of other NA Groups who choose to accept literature that was altered by corporate interests as 'NA Literature'. The literature we make available on this page is Home Group Approved Literature of the Alive & Free Home Group of Narcotics Anonymous. Again, for our Group purpose, the Alive & Free Nomads Home Group does not recognize the following versions of the Basic Text as valid NA literature:

  • First Edition
  • Third Edition
  • Third Edition, Revised (Not to be confused with the Baby Blue/3rd Revised with Original Traditions)
  • Fourth Edition
  • Fifth Edition
  • Sixth Edition


  • Little White Book (1976)
  • The White Book That Should Have Been (1983 Home Group Revisions)
  • Alive & Free White Book
  • An Approach To The Fourth Step Inventory (Original Fourth Step Guide)
  • ​One Addict's Experience With Acceptance, Faith And Commitment
  • Am I An Addict?
  • For The Newcomer
  • Just For Today
  • Living The Program
  • The Triangle Of Self-Obsession
  • ​Youth In Recovery
  • Sponsorship


Beyond the beautiful forever book.

We'd call this a disclaimer, but it is more a clarification of fact. Entities tend to post disclaimers when they are afraid of legal action. This is more about educating others to the truth. We are not only unafraid of legal action but would, in fact, welcome it. That way we could put an end to corporate interests attempting to turn the spiritual Groups they are supposedly responsible to against one another and we could all get back to being autonomous Home Groups who support and Love one another regardless of which version(s) of the Basic Text or other literature we opt to use (or opt not to use). No, we are not afraid of any corporate entity that has stolen the NA name coming after us or any of our 'malcontent cohorts'. They have had ample opportunity to do so. The World Board and NAWS Director have always backed down when face to face and extended an offer to follow through and finally put to rest the mess WSO, Inc. created in 1991 when they tried to sue a Trusted Servant of an NA Home Group. We also go on record and attest before the Fellowship and the Loving God who directs our Home Group that NAWS, Inc. or their agents have never contacted The Alive & Free Nomads Home Group or any of its Trusted Servants, nor have they contacted ASIS, The Anonymi Foundation or any of their Trusted Servants or elected agents. We simply do not know to whom the World Board is referring when they claim to have contacted Groups and services asking them to cease publication of the literature the Groups own. We do not now and never have recognized WSO, Inc. or NAWS Inc. nor have we ever recognized the FIPT and proclaim it illegal in that NAWS and the World Board act as both Trustor and Trustee; the World Board having a fiduciary obligation to NAWS and being the only entity that can make motions at WSC. The FIPT was created illegally to begin with, and there is currently no reliable mechanism whereby Groups may revoke that trust. The reasons we believe the FIPT to be illegal and unenforceable are numerous and it should not be assumed that our reasoning is limited solely to the above statements.



So I'm on my way home from the mid-atlantic regional convention. On the plus side, it was good to see everyone that I do not get to see very often. And at the end of the day, it is still a beautiful thing to see all of us addicts come together like that in the name of something positive. However, the biggest lesson I learned today is that the world board is full of shit. Don't get me wrong. I have thought this way about them for quite some time but today I got to experience firsthand just how full of shit they really are. I walked right up to them and surrendered. And when I say surrender I don't mean the Narcotics Anonymous type of surrender that we are all used to. I mean I literally surrendered. I walked up there and told them that hey I give up. They got me. I'm the one distributing the illicit and illegal literature that they keep putting out propaganda about. I asked if they wanted to arrest me. I asked if they wanted to call the police. I offered to give them all of my personal information to take back to world services to give to whoever would be in charge of that type of thing. They wanted nothing to do with it. They told me the baby blue is an outside issue. Lol. They said they have nothing to do with it. They said it is not their job. So there you have it. All of you who like to harass people for distributing free basic text to newcomers, you need to realize exactly what you are. You are nothing more than pawns. The world board uses you to do their dirty work. They had us. They had me and my sponsor not to mention a few others who are down for the cause. 100 Baby Blues were distributed right in front of them. And they did nothing. Why not? Because there are no laws being broken. There is no copyright infringement going on. We own our literature. Not a corporation. The recovering addict owns Narcotics Anonymous literature. Don't be fooled by their bullshit.

In loving service,

danny m

A Response to the World Board regarding the 'FIPT Issues' described in the ‘2014 Conference Report’ on pg 23
​As one of the many current distributors of the Reprint Basic Text (Baby Blue) and one of the original distributors of the Baby Blue in 1990 I believe that some input for your discussion on this issue may be appropriate. 3 statements in the report seem to need a response:
1.'Only the NA Fellowship can protect its own property by saying this is okay or not okay.'
2. 'We do have a legal agreement—the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust—that outlines the fact that NAWS has a fiduciary relationship and is responsible to protect NA’s intellectual property.'

3. 'What concerns us now is the purposeful actions of some of our members who seem motivated to do this for political reasons or out of simple resentment. They seem to ignore the many Fellowship decisions about this as well as our requests to stop.'
'What concerns us now is the purposeful actions of some of our members who seem motivated to do this for political reasons or out of simple resentment. They seem to ignore the many Fellowship decisions about this as well as our requests to stop.'

The ‘Motivation’ for each of the many NA Members, NA Groups and NA service bodies that use the Baby Blue, reprint literature instead of purchasing it from World Services, or form separate service structures is as varied as the NA participants themselves. Rarely is it just a simple resentment or a single issue of disagreement. A ‘Political Motivation’ would have a limited result in a marginalized and ostracized service structure that strives to make Group Conscience the primary authority. Many of us had a much stronger political motivation when we were WSC Participants. The actual motivation, cause and genuine difference in spiritual interpretation of NA principals of the many fringe NA Members, NA Groups and NA service bodies should be understood. Do you really care that much to listen?
'We do have a legal agreement—the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust—that outlines the fact that NAWS has a fiduciary relationship and is responsible to protect NA’s intellectual property.'

If the World Board has any intention of sending out “Cease and Desist' letters or trying to enforce the FIPT through legal action, then the response of several of us is quite simple: 'Lets go to court'. If you want to bring to conclusion the fiasco court process that you started with Grateful Dave in 1991 then you will find many willing candidates to jump onto the lawsuit wagon. Dave was a close friend and a member of my homegroup. One of his regrets on his deathbed was that he wouldn’t live to finish the lawsuit. Several NA members have been waiting to step in where he left off. One difference today is that many of us have the collective resources to follow this through to fruition.You may also want to be very careful about throwing stones from your glass house. In a legal game of ‘Whack-a-Mole’ against a limitless number of defendants, the final outcome may be a degraded copyright or a declaration that the literature is public domain. How many countries are you willing to defend the copyright in?
'Only the NA Fellowship can protect its own property by saying this is okay or not okay.'

It is safe to say that most of us in NA agree with this statement. However, it is unlikely that we agree on who the NA Fellowship is supposed to protect the property from or how the NA Fellowship says this. Many of the strongest critics of World Service are former WSC participants. Some of us believe that the outcome of most discussions and decisions are controlled by the World Board through the new Consensus Based Decision Making process. The literature is written more by professionals than local NA committees and the authority structure is from the World Board down. Many of us got very tired of expending a great effort to serve NA only to be labeled the ‘Minority Opinion’ and marginalized. There are many better ways to carry the NA message than the wasted effort that goes into many World Service projects. Many NA Groups, areas and regions don’t trust or agree with World Services. In your selective history review at the WSC, look at the percentage of ‘NO’ responses to the 1994 WSC Inventory question “Does your Group, ASC, RSC trust World Services? The ‘Minority Opinion’ is getting larger. The ‘All Inclusive, or One Size Fits All’ service structure for NA is no longer realistic. This issue is not about money or politics. It is about having a ‘Collective Conscience’ on the principals within our NA Fellowship. If we want to know what the NA Fellowship is saying then we need to listen to ‘All’ of the NA Fellowship, not just those with a voice at the WSC. Are you willing to listen? ​ ​Submitted by Mickey from Atlantic City 4/25/2014

Courtesy of Radio Free NA:
Smoke screens and mirrors; lies when can they tell the truth: They [the World Board] claim they did not hear about reports of the proliferation of illicit versions of NA literature.
We handed all board members and Anthony the Baby Blue Text at the board meeting at the world convention and handed out free Basic Texts in front of them. So now they act surprised like they are just hearing about it. They know the home group I belong to has been printing the Baby Blue since 1988 and never has stopped printing and making them available to all other groups who wanted to use them. Our web-page they have been aware of for the last seven years and never have asked us to remove the literature from nahelp.org. They have lied to the fellowship once again. How long are we going to put up with this before we call a spade a spade and end this lying naws, inc and their lies to the fellowship?
In loving service
Bill Allen
Everything looks different in LA! Believe me, the WSC is not our representative body and has not been for a long time. It is an orchestrated event determined to steam roll opposition and play to 'win'. Winning to WSO means the Fellowship of NA loses. Hiring from the resumes of treatment industry personnel creates the illusion they are right on every issue. I cannot perceive any effort to pay attention to what the members say, do or want. Being subjected to this mentality for a number of decades and you get what you see today. The membership doesn't miss having a say in their lives and what happens in NA because they have never experienced it. It is up to the long time members to speak up for one another and make it clear that WSO did not write the Basic Text and had nothing to do with it. Their mismanagement has resulted in several damaging edits. Because the WSO personnel had no access to the writers of the Basic Text, they took out or changed things they did not understand.
It seems to me the Fellowship is beginning to take its own course and will endure with a painful lesson learned: do not trust legal systems to protect your interest. NA is a spiritual not business-like Fellowship. If special workers do not do a good job, replace them.
In Loving Service,

Bo S.
PS: the miracle of recovery is God-given, not a copyright issue. We can write more books..
A Brief History Of The Baby Blue
This was written by Bill A from Pennsylvania, whose home group was the first to print the 'Plain Pink' which would later become known as the “Baby Blue”.
A little history on this issue. The first Baby Blue Third Edition Revised Texts were plain pink covers. I personally tore my cover off my Third Edition Revised Text and Gene R. and I had Sir Speedy print shop print the first Text that turned into a movement called the Baby Blue era which ended with a Federal Court Case against an NA member called Grateful Dave. This was all started by WSO Inc. printing the fourth edition text without sending it out to the Fellowship for an input and review process after they elected to have a professional writer edit our text. The WSO then took money from Hazledon to print the book {talk about violating our traditions}. Then our group and area demanded they give us back our Third Edition Revised Text and instead Bob Stone - then office director - did a song and dance on the conference floor telling the RSRs that they could not go back to the Third Edition Revised Text, that they would be sued by Hazledon for breech of contract because they had funded the fourth edition printing and they now just did a line by line and had found twenty five lines in the text that should have not been changed. They then opened the floor up for discussion and proposed a motion to put the twenty five lines back in a text and call it the fifth edition without the fellowship input to avoid the issues of returning to the Third Edition Revised Text, our Basic Text. The home group already had group conscienced printing the Third Edition if the conference did not return our Text to us.
We gave them more than a year to return our Text to us and after the 1989 Conference Grateful Dave and Big Lou returned home with me from the conference to our group conscience where we made it official. Dave and Big Lou went home to Philly and Miami where group conscience also led those groups to use and print the Text. We later group conscienced to return the 4th and 9th Traditions as stated in the Second Edition to the text - that the book had to be what the fellowship conscienced - which became better known as the Baby Blue that we still print today. The court settlement quotes Grateful Dave as printing 9,000 texts. Since 9/01/2013 we have printed tens of thousands of Texts and are preparing another order today. SO, if the Fellowship did not want them there would not be no need to print.
The addicts from Sweden are translating the Text so they can print it in their language because naws, inc. refuses to translate the text and it also costs to much to ship the text to Sweden. We will keep printing the Baby Blue, the Grey Book and original 13 I.P.'s. We also have opened up the literature process for writing literature by addicts for addicts through the open process as we wrote our Basic Text. We have been printing the Baby Blue since 1988 without World Services trying to stop us. So more of there lies, smoking guns and, mirrors. We also are ready to go to Court to defend ourselves in Federal Court in Philadelphia were the original court case that they, naws, inc., still refuse to this day to obey.
In loving service
Group Conscience Area Chair
Bill Allen

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