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This review is on a book I just came across online at booksellers website that looked unusual. Unusual it certainly proved to be, when I got a copy second hand after some hesitation. The author was a missionary doctor to China – one who had a family history of missionaries in his own family tree. I have noticed by the way, that there does seem to be something different about some Christians who come from several generations of Christians in the family – compared to say 1st or 2nd generation Christians so to speak. It’s as if God has used the generations of Christians to refine those who follow all the more somehow than those who have just come to faith themselves with parents who don’t – or didn’t believe. Not exactly sure how that might work – but this guy’s story sounds a bit like that. One thing I have gained the impression of is that 2nd generation – or later Christians seem more likely to move in the Spiritual gifts (See 1 Corinthians 12).

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One of the first things the author tells of is how on one occasion while he worked in China as a missionary doctor, running into the time of the Japanese invasion of China in second world war times, Jesus appeared to him as he walked alone in a dangerous area. He didn’t realise it was Jesus initially – but when he saw him, Jesus was in a white robe and spoke to him in English… McAll was about to walk into a Japanese ambush and had no idea of the danger. The figure who he later realised was Jesus came along from behind him as he walked and pointed McAll to turn right to a Chinese walled villagek, where He told McAll the people had need of his medical skills. McAll took this advice and on arrival at the village gate found himself rapidly pulled inside, through the village entrance gate, which was then shut rapidly behind him. The villagers he met there told him he had just narrowly avoided a Japanese tank trap and ambush – which he had been heading for before being told by the man who came up behind him to turn right, just at the last minute and go to this village. McAll explained to the villagers that a man on the road had told him moments before to turn right – but the villagers pointed outside to an empty plain. The man McAll had seen had vanished. As McAll reflected on this experience he concluded he had seen Jesus – and Jesus had saved his life. McAll writes that he believed Jesus kept him safe on many of his dangerous travels in China – including when he and his wife were later imprisoned by the Japanese for much of World War 2 following Britain becoming at war with Japan.


Well that was a remarkable story to start the book but it was a different anecdote in the first chapter that pointed to the main purpose of McAll’s book. Also during his time in China – before his interment by the Japanese – McAll witnessed an ordinary Chinese Christian lady, apparently cure an insane and dangerous local man through her simple prayers. The memory remained with him, troubling him for many years. After the war and some years after his release and return to Britain, he practised as a GP before 7 years or so later deciding to retrain as a psychiatrist. He could not forget the Chinese lady and her prayers apparently healing a dangerous man. While McAll doesn’t make a direct link to the Gospel accounts of Jesus curing people by casting out demons – it does seem to be implied that this is a link McAll made – or at least wondered about.

The main part of the book goes on to describe how McAll as a final resort after normal medical approaches to healing mental illness he began to use Christian prayers and Holy Communion services (The Eucharist) to try to bring the most hopeless cases of people’s sickness to healing either mentally, physically or both. The back page of the book cover sums up his view very succinctly by saying that he came to believe that supposedly incurable patients were victims of ancestral control. This seems plainly to mean spiritual control by the ancestors in some way. McAll does not call it demonic possession – but does use the terms ‘deliverance’ and ‘possession’ in relation to the examples. McAll’s solution was with the help of person seeking his help, to draw up as far as possible and is known a family tree of the sick person to identify any ancestor that could be causing problems in some way. Examples in the book include ancestors who were never for some reason given a Christian burial service and committment to the care of God. When the ancestor concerned was identified McAll would cut the bond to the relevant ancestor by celebrating, with a clergyman a service of Holy Communion in which the tormented ancestor was committed to God. It should be added that those agreeing to participate in the services of communion, healing and deliverance were asked to commit their lives to Christ.

On Family Hockey And Healing Pdf Free Download Version

Many examples of the use of this method – and sometimes just use of simple prayers for ancestors were given where people at the service – or sometimes other people many miles away in a mental hospital unaware of the service proceedings – received physical or mental healing – or both. This appears to have been from a mix of deliverance from afflicting spirits and (divine) miraculous physical and mental healing.

The stories are many and remarkable. I found this quite hard to believe in truth at first reading some of them and at one point left the book aside for a while before coming back to it after a few months to finish it. At the second attempt I couldn’t put the book down.

On family hockey and healing pdf free download adobe reader for windows 10

In his accounts McAll reports that he – and often others involved in the service of communion – would often get visions during the communion services of people – ancestors involved – appearing at the altar where the service was being held, these figures apparently being seen often to be brought there by angels. He would also sometimes see them then meeting Mary (mother of Jesus) – and Jesus himself before disappearing into a bright light (presumably headed for heaven I think it was implied).

Visions I should add here are an experience that occurs for some Christians I understand – and they do have a scriptural basis – as set out for example in the book of Joel (from verse 2:28) and such places as 1 Corinthians 12 where the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit are described (which can be received by Christians who have had the ‘baptism of the Holy Spirit’). Dr McAll’s visions – and those of others he relates as having been reportedly experienced by those involved – do seem rather astonishing.

McAll later towards the end of the book, gives his own explanation of why these prayers and communion services for the dead are quite acceptable and worthwhile, by referring to the Bible, church traditions and history. This was news to me as my own ‘brand’ of Anglican Christian experience has – apart from at funerals – never made any significant reference to the value or benefits of praying for the dead. If Mr McAll’s accounts are anything to go by lots more people should be doing it!

As I type this I still find it an astonishing book of stories and wonder about its reliability. But if true and reliable it could give many hopeless people hope and maybe miraculous healing. Much suffering – often of many years in people’s lives could be alleviated for some otherwise incurable people. McAll’s examples of healings in these ways include schizophrenic people who have been prayed for and whose ancestors are committed to God in the Eucharist becoming suddenly healed once the service has been done – despite sometimes being thousands of miles away locked up in hospital and unaware of the relevant Eucharist proceedings even taking place.

There are a variety of other conditions McAll relates having been cured in this way of using Eucharist services or with simple prayers to commit things to Jesus. McAll at the end of the book, kindly documents some liturgies for people to use – such as the Eucharist of the Resurrection and the Communion Service for those who would like to try this approach to seek healing for someone themselves. He also covers the issue of blessing homes where there have been spiritual problems perhaps of a similar nature.

On Family, Hockey And Healing PDF Free Download

In summary then, this is an angle on Christian healing that I have not come across in several other books on the topic. However books on the subject of ‘deliverance’ I have read do include

Detail of the Holy Communion window at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church. The window was designed in 1966 by Franz Mayer & Co. of Munich, Germany and installed by the studios of George L. Payne of Patterson, New Jersey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

reference to the importance of regular participation in Holy Communion to remain ‘free’ of demonic oppression following receiving deliverance ministry. It’s a book well worth a read and further consideration if the subject interests you.

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On Family Hockey And Healing Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader

McAll sadly is no longer with us but he has written one other book called Healing The Haunted – which I have not read yet but hope to at some point. It has to be said that ‘Healing The Family Tree’ does bring possible Christian hope to those with concerns for dead relatives who have not ‘died in Christ’ and perhaps for some with currently otherwise incurable illnesses to find healing.

Here’s a link to the book on amazon.co.uk:

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Here also is a blog article on Dr McAll that’s worth a read if you have the inclination:

A friend of Dr McAll – William P. Wilson M.D. has written a biography of Dr McAll’s life as an ebook which I also hope to read at some point – which you can find here:

Every blessing until the next time…

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On Family Hockey And Healing Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader For Windows 10