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The Addiction of Mary Todd Lincoln

Author: Anne E. Beidler
Release: 2009-01-01
Publisher: Unknown
Reads: 180
ISBN: 1603810218

Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of the president we have immortalized, has always been difficult for us to understand. She could appear poised and brilliant one moment yet rude and ugly the next. Sometimes competent and strong, able to entertain dignitaries from around the world, at other times she appeared dependent and weak. At times she seemed utterly beside herself with sobbing and screaming.Historians have mostly avoided saying very much about Mary Todd Lincoln except in reference to her husband, Abraham. To many it would seem that Mary Todd Lincoln is still an embarrassment in the tragic story of her martyred husband. But Mary Todd Lincoln lived her own tragic story even before Abraham was murdered. She was an addict, addicted to the opiates she needed for her migraine headaches.Seeing Mary Todd Lincoln as an addict helps us understand her and give her the compassion and admiration she deserves. In her time there had been no courageous First Lady like Betty Ford to help people understand the power of addiction. There was no treatment center. In Mary Todd Lincoln's time there were many addicts at all levels of society, as there are now, but it was a more socially acceptable condition for men to have than for women. More importantly, addiction was not very well understood, and it was often mistreated.Because Mary Todd Lincoln's only surviving son, Robert Lincoln, made a great effort to protect his mother and his family from journalists and historians, he intentionally destroyed most of Mary Todd Lincoln's medical records and many of her letters. What he could not destroy, however, is the record of Mary Todd Lincoln's pain and the record of how she behaved while living with this pain.In The Addiction of Mary Todd Lincoln, we can see clearly, for the first time, what Mary Todd Lincoln had to live with and the courage it took for her to carry on.

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Lincolns Dressmaker PDF book by Jennifer Chiaverini Read Online or Free Download in ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks. Published in January 5th 2013 the book become immediate popular and critical acclaim in historical, historical fiction books. The main characters of Mrs. Lincolns Dressmaker novel are Mary Todd Lincoln, Elizabeth Keckley.

The Trial of Mary Todd Lincoln, first published in 1959, is the dramatic account of the insanity trial Mary Todd Lincoln. In 1875, Robert Todd Lincoln, son of the late President Abraham Lincoln, petitioned a Chicago court to commit his mother to an asylum on charges of insanity. Lincoln PDF book (Narratives of Empire) (Narratives of Empire Series) Read Online or Free Download in ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks. Published in 1984 the book become immediate popular and critical acclaim in historical, historical fiction books. The main characters of Lincoln novel are Abraham Lincoln, Walt Whitman. Mary Todd Lincoln: a biography by Baker. ENCRYPTED DAISY download. For print-disabled users. 14 day loan required to access EPUB and PDF files. Abraham Lincoln (/ ˈ l ɪ ŋ k ən /; February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) was an American lawyer and statesman who served as the 16th president of the United States from 1861 until his assassination in 1865. Lincoln led the nation through the American Civil War, the country's greatest moral, cultural, constitutional, and political crisis.He succeeded in preserving the Union, abolishing.

Author: Pao-Min Chang
Release: 1985-12-01
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Reads: 127
ISBN: 0275900223


Author: Jean Elizabeth, Poet Laureate Ward
Release: 2009-09-15
Reads: 140
ISBN: 9781435732179

Third in a continuing series by Poet Laureate, Jean Elizabeth Ward: a love story based on historical facts about Mary Todd Lincoln and her husband, Abraham Lincoln. Illustrations within, poetry, prose, and quotes.

The Emancipator s Wife

Author: Barbara Hambly
Release: 2008-03
Publisher: Bantam
Reads: 778
ISBN: 9780553585650

In 1865, in the wake of her husband's assassination, Mary Todd Lincoln struggles to cope amid the animosity and confusion that surrounds her, in a historical novel that captures the saga of one of the most misunderstood women in American history, from her privileged youth in the South to the difficulties of her later years. Reprint.

Mary Lincoln for the Ages

Author: Jason Emerson
Release: 2018-08-30
Publisher: Unknown
Reads: 224
ISBN: 9780809336753

In this sweeping analytical bibliography, Jason Emerson goes beyond the few sources usually employed to contextualize Mary Lincoln's life and thoroughly reexamines nearly every word ever written about her. In doing so, this book becomes the prime authority on Mary Lincoln, points researchers to key underused sources, reveals how views about her have evolved over the years, and sets the stage for new questions and debates about the themes and controversies that have defined her legacy. Mary Lincoln for the Ages first articulates how reliance on limited sources has greatly restricted our understanding of the subject, evaluating their flaws and benefits and pointing out the shallowness of using the same texts to study her life. Emerson then presents more than four hundred bibliographical entries of nonfiction books and pamphlets, scholarly and popular articles, journalism, literature, and juvenilia. More than just listings of titles and publication dates, each entry includes Emerson's deft analysis of these additional works on Mary Lincoln that should be used--but rarely have been--to better understand who she was during her life and why we see her as we do. The volume also includes rarely used illustrations, including some that have never before appeared in print. A roadmap for a firmer, more complete grasp of Mary Lincoln's place in the historical record, this is the first and only extensive, analytical bibliography of the subject. In highlighting hundreds of overlooked sources, Emerson changes the paradigm of Mary Lincoln's legacy.

Savage Conversations

Author: LeAnne Howe
Release: 2019-02-05
Publisher: Coffee House Press
Reads: 329
ISBN: 9781566895408

May 1875: Mary Todd Lincoln is addicted to opiates and tried in a Chicago court on charges of insanity. Entered into evidence is Ms. Lincoln’s claim that every night a Savage Indian enters her bedroom and slashes her face and scalp. She is swiftly committed to Bellevue Place Sanitarium. Her hauntings may be a reminder that in 1862, President Lincoln ordered the hanging of thirty-eight Dakotas in the largest mass execution in United States history. No one has ever linked the two events—until now. Savage Conversations is a daring account of a former first lady and the ghosts that tormented her for the contradictions and crimes on which this nation is founded.


Author: Janis Cooke Newman
Release: 2010-12-03
Publisher: Anchor Canada
Reads: 636
ISBN: 9780385673044

A dramatic tale filled with passion and depression, poverty and ridicule, infidelity and redemption, this is the unforgettable story of Mary Todd Lincoln–one of history’s most enigmatic and misunderstood women. Writing from Bellevue asylum–where the shrieks of the other inmates keep her awake at night–a famous widow finally shares the story of her life in her own words. From her tempestuous childhood in a slaveholding Southern family through the opium clouded years after her husband’s death, we are let into the inner, intimate world of this brave and fascinating woman. Intelligent and unconventional–and, some thought, mad–she held séances in the White House, ran her family into debt with compulsive shopping, negotiated with conniving politicians, and raised her young sons during the Civil War. She was also a political strategist, a comfort to wounded soldiers, a supporter of emancipation, the first to be called First Lady, and a wife and mother who survived the loss of three children and the assassination of her beloved husband.

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The Emancipator s Wife

Author: Barbara Hambly
Release: 2005-01-25
Publisher: Bantam
Reads: 624
ISBN: 0553901214

As a girl growing up in Kentucky, she lived a sheltered, privileged life filled with picnics and plantation balls. Vivacious, impulsive, and intoxicated by politics, she is a Todd of Lexington, an aristocratic family whose ancestors defeated the British. But no one knows her secret fears and anxieties. Although she is courted by the most eligible suitors in the land, including future senator Stephen Douglas, it is a gangly lawyer from Illinois who captures her heart. After a stormy courtship and a broken engagement, Abraham Lincoln will marry twenty-four-year-old Mary Todd and give her a ring inscribed with the words “Love Is Eternal.” But their happiness won’t last nearly so long. Their first child will be born under the gathering clouds of a civil war, and three more follow. As Lincoln’s star rises, the pleasure-loving Mary learns, often the hard way, the rules of being a politician’s wife. But by the time the fiery storm of war passes, tragedy will have claimed two sons, scandal will shadow her days as First Lady, and an assassin’s bullet will take Lincoln himself, leaving Mary alone and all but forgotten by the nation that owed her husband its survival. Yet it is in the years to come that Mary Todd Lincoln will truly come into her own. In public, she will fight to preserve Lincoln’s memory even as she battles a bitterly contested insanity trial. In private, she will struggle with depression and addiction as she endures the betrayals–both real and imagined–of family and friends. With a gifted novelist’s imagination and a historian’s eye for detail, Barbara Hambly tells a story of astonishing scope, richly peopled with real-life characters and their fictional counterparts, a tour-de-force tale of power, politics, and the role of women in nineteenth- century America. The result is a Mary Todd Lincoln few have seen and none will forget–the fascinating, controversial woman of whom her husband could say: “My wife is as handsome as when she was a girl and I fell in love with her; and what is more, I have never fallen out”–Mary Todd, the woman who loved Abraham Lincoln.

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Mary Todd Lincoln

Author: Mary E. Hull
Release: 2014-12-15
Publisher: Enslow Publishing, LLC
Reads: 96
ISBN: 9780766064812

Author Mary E. Hull traces the life of one of America's most controversial First Ladies. After her husband, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, Mary Todd Lincoln became a frequent target of humiliating personal attacks, and her mental health declined sharply. Many people, including her own son, thought she was insane. An outspoken, strong woman, Mary Todd Lincoln faced many hardships and struggled with a sadness that would end only with her own death.

A Companion to First Ladies

Author: Katherine A.S. Sibley
Release: 2016-03-02
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Reads: 760
ISBN: 9781118732243

This volume explores more than two centuries of literature on the First Ladies, from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama, providing the first historiographical overview of these important women in U.S. history. Underlines the growing scholarly appreciation of the First Ladies and the evolution of the position since the 18th century Explores the impact of these women not only on White House responsibilities, but on elections, presidential policies, social causes, and in shaping their husbands’ legacies Brings the First Ladies into crisp historiographical focus, assessing how these women and their contributions have been perceived both in popular literature and scholarly debate Provides concise biographical treatments for each First Lady

The Madness of Mary Lincoln

Author: Jason Emerson
Release: 2007-09-25
Publisher: SIU Press
Reads: 255
ISBN: 0809327716

'The Madness of Mary Lincoln is the story not only of Mary, but also of Robert. It details how he dealt with his mother's increasing irrationality and why it embarrassed his Victorian sensibilities; it explains the reasons he had his mother committed, his response to her suicide attempt, and her plot to murder him. It also shows why and how he ultimately agreed to her release from the asylum eight months early, and what their relationship was like until Mary's death.'--BOOK JACKET.

The Black Heavens

Author: Brian R. Dirck
Release: 2019-02-06
Publisher: Unknown
Reads: 240
ISBN: 9780809337026

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'Drawing upon extensive recent historical studies regarding death, funerals, and mourning during the Civil War era as well as primary sources, The Black Heavens provides a realistic view of Lincoln as he encountered death. Avoiding the sentimentalization and excessive psychoanalyzing that has characterized much of the historical (and fictional) writing on the subject, this book carefully situates Lincoln within the social, cultural, and political contexts of death and mourning in his time'--

Mary Todd Lincoln A Biography

Author: Jean Harvey Baker
Release: 2008-10-17
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Reads: 464
ISBN: 0393075680

'A striking success…the account of the White House years is absorbing, the account of Mary Lincoln's life as a widow utterly compelling.' —New York Times This definitive biography of Mary Todd Lincoln beautifully conveys her tumultuous life and times. A privileged daughter of the proud clan that founded Lexington, Kentucky, Mary fell into a stormy romance with the raw Illinois attorney Abraham Lincoln. For twenty-five years the Lincolns forged opposing temperaments into a tolerant, loving marriage. Even as the nation suffered secession and civil war, Mary experienced the tragedies of losing three of her four children and then her husband. An insanity trial orchestrated by her surviving son led to her confinement in an asylum. Mary Todd Lincoln is still often portrayed in one dimension, as the stereotype of the best-hated faults of all women. Here her life is restored for us whole.

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Brain Robbers How Alcohol Cocaine Nicotine and Opiates Have Changed Human History

Author: Frances R. Frankenburg MD
Release: 2014-03-28
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Reads: 349
ISBN: 9781440829321

A psychiatrist examines how the world's four most important mind-altering substances— alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, and opiates—have played a significant role throughout human history, and explains how these powerful drugs affect the brain and cause addiction. • Presents a historical review of four plant-derived drugs—alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, and opiates—and their effects throughout human civilization, as well as a fascinating exploration of the mystery and misery of addiction • Provides comprehensive explanations of medical and psychiatric effects of these drugs • Supplies stories of people who made discoveries about these drugs or who had their lives altered by them • Describes the discovery of the way in which the brain works • Includes illustrations of brain pathways and of the four plants of origin for these drugs, and maps showing drug trade triangles

Eating Owen

Author: Anne E. Beidler
Release: 2009-01-01
Publisher: Unknown
Reads: 236
ISBN: 9781603810234

Eating Owen is a tale of mystery. What really happened to Owen Coffin, the cabin boy on the Nantucket whaling ship Essex? In the autumn of 1819, the unthinkable happened. Out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean a whale rammed into the Essex, sinking it within minutes (the event that helped inspire Melville's Moby-Dick).The crew had no refuge except to jump into the three small and very flimsy wooden boats they carried on board to help them chase the whales. During the next three months, bobbing around aimlessly on the open ocean, the men suffered terribly. They ran out of food to eat, and some of them died.And some of them ate each other. Including Owen.The few survivors returned to Nantucket with the story that Owen had been fairly elected to be executed-before he was eaten. But no one knows for sure what happened. Or do we?Eating Owen is the story of Owen Coffin and his family before the Essex tragedy. It is a story about a family, a story about surviving and not surviving. A story about a whale's revenge.

Army of the Potomac

Author: Peter G. Beidler
Release: 2012-09-15
Publisher: Epicenter Press
Reads: 242
ISBN: 9781603810340

William Cross Hazelton's letters to his fiancee describe the life of an Illinois volunteer in the Army of the Potomac, the military unit that fought Lee's Army of Northern Virginia in most of the major battles of the Civil War. They breathe new life into a war so devastating that it still scars the American psyche, while exhibiting a moral perspective far ahead of its time.


Author: Avis Cardella
Release: 2010-05-14
Publisher: Little, Brown
Reads: 272
ISBN: 0316084182

'For anyone who has felt the thrill of snapping up a bargain or buying something extravagant, this glimpse of the far side of shopping's emotional kicks can be fascinating.' --Malcolm Ritter, San Francisco Chronicle As a child, Avis Cardella devoured the glamorous images in her mother's fashion magazines. She grew up to be one of the people in them, living a life that seemed to be filled with labels and luxury. But shopping had become a dangerous addiction. She forwent food for Prada. Credit card debt blossomed like the ever-increasing pile of unworn shoes and clothing in the back of her closet. She defined herself by the things she owned and also lost herself in the mad hunt for the perfect pair of pants or purse that might make her feel whole. Spent is Avis Cardella's timely, deeply personal, and shockingly dramatic exploration of our cultural need to spend, and of what happens when someone is consumed by the desire to consume.

In Pieces

Author: Sally Field
Release: 2018-09-18
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Reads: 416
ISBN: 9781538763049

In this intimate, haunting literary memoir and New York Times Notable Book of the year, an American icon tells her own story for the first time -- about a challenging and lonely childhood, the craft that helped her find her voice, and a powerful emotional legacy that shaped her journey as a daughter and a mother. One of the most celebrated, beloved, and enduring actors of our time, Sally Field has an infectious charm that has captivated the nation for more than five decades, beginning with her first TV role at the age of seventeen. From Gidget's sweet-faced 'girl next door' to the dazzling complexity of Sybil to the Academy Award-worthy ferocity and depth of Norma Rae and Mary Todd Lincoln, Field has stunned audiences time and time again with her artistic range and emotional acuity. Yet there is one character who always remained hidden: the shy and anxious little girl within. With raw honesty and the fresh, pitch-perfect prose of a natural-born writer, and with all the humility and authenticity her fans have come to expect, Field brings readers behind-the-scenes for not only the highs and lows of her star-studded early career in Hollywood, but deep into the truth of her lifelong relationships--including her complicated love for her own mother. Powerful and unforgettable, In Pieces is an inspiring and important account of life as a woman in the second half of the twentieth century.

Mrs Lincoln s Dressmaker

Author: Lynda Jones
Release: 2009
Publisher: National Geographic Soc Childrens books
Reads: 80
ISBN: PSU:000068099916

Examines the friendship between Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of Abraham Lincoln, and Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Keckley, a former slave who became Mrs. Lincoln's dressmaker during her White House years.


Author: Mary de Young
Release: 2010-07-26
Publisher: McFarland
Reads: 302
ISBN: 9780786457465

“Madness” is, of course, personally experienced, but because of its intimate relationship to the sociocultural context, it is also socially constructed, culturally represented and socially controlled—all of which make it a topic rife for sociological analysis. Using a range of historical and contemporary textual material, this work exercises the sociological imagination to explore some of the most perplexing questions in the history of madness, including why some behaviors, thoughts and emotions are labeled mad while others are not; why they are labeled mad in one historical period and not another; why the label of mad is applied to some types of people and not others; by whom the label is applied, and with what consequences. I dream of jeannie.

Lincoln secured her release from the sanitarium and lived under the care of her sister Elizabeth in Springfield, Illinois. The book paints a sympathetic portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln, and recounts actual witness testimony from the trial.

Author: James A. Rhodes

Jean Baker Author

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 9781789128710

Category: History

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Mary Todd Lincoln Pdf Free Download Windows 10

The Trial of Mary Todd Lincoln, first published in 1959, is the dramatic account of the insanity trial Mary Todd Lincoln. In 1875, Robert Todd Lincoln, son of the late President Abraham Lincoln, petitioned a Chicago court to commit his mother to an asylum on charges of insanity. He was increasingly disturbed by what he viewed as his mother’s erratic behavior. The court ruled Mrs. Lincoln insane and committed her to a private mental hospital in Batavia, Illinois. However, through her own efforts, Mrs. Lincoln secured her release from the sanitarium and lived under the care of her sister Elizabeth in Springfield, Illinois. The book paints a sympathetic portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln, and recounts actual witness testimony from the trial. Hosted by Bill Kurtis, the trial is re-enacted with a modern-day judge, practicing attorneys, and mental health experts who use facts based on actual witness statements from the 1875 trial. They apply current Illinois law regarding mental health proceedings and current health treatment to the dramatic and heartbreaking story of the nation’s 16th first lady.