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Bluegrass your Fiddle Part 1. This is intended to be an occasional series of articles about the sort of techniques, licks and attitudes that make fiddling sound right for bluegrass. I should state right here that my own tastes extend fairly widely, but centre round the 'classic' 40s - 60s sound of players like Chubby Wise, Tommy Jackson, Gordon. The teacher plays the melody. It is important to be working on the Action Studies with these duets. In Paul Rolland language, these would be Action Tunes. Upper Half of the Bow Duets Download (pdf) Lower Half of Bow Duets Download (pdf) Whole Bow Duets (pdf). Take the bow in the bow hold and move the bow like a windows whipper by pivoting your wrist. By giving your bow a push with your pinky, the bow swings to the right. By giving your bow a push with your index finger, the bow swings back to the left to the starting position. Experience the ‘ping pong’-ing between your pinky and index finger. Difficulty in tuning your bow to achieve good accurate broadhead flight. Photo “E” illustrates pressure on the “pad” of the thumb with no part of the hand outside of the lifeline touching the riser. The hand should be relaxed to enable the bow to do what it wants upon the execution of the shot. This form necessitates the use of a bow.


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Welcome to the New Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands® DIGITAL 2021!

Essential intercultural knowledge worldwide - when you need it.

Success in the global marketplace begins with an expert understanding of international business practices, protocol, cultural orientations, legal practices, negotiating and communication styles.

It's how you develop trust, networks, and a diverse base of talent.

Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands ® DIGITAL delivers this essential knowledge when you need it - and helps you build the tangible intercultural skills required for international venues and diverse domestic markets. Country profiles include:

Business Practices - perceptions of time, negotiating practices, entertaining

Learning To Bow PDF Free Download

Protocol - greetings, forms of address, gift-giving, dress, gestures, dining

Country Background - history, government, language, cultural viewpoints

Cultural Orientation - cognitive styles, values, decision making, negotiating

Legal and Cultural Notes - legal systems, modus operandi optimus & malus, negotiating techniques and communication styles with 12 US trade partners.

Holidays, Statistics, Safety Tips, Cultural I.Q. Questions

Audio files of Tips on Doing Business - by Terri Morrison

International business is competitive. You require accurate intercultural research to help you succeed with diverse prospects and clients in person, and virtually.

Learn More. Review a Country Profile. Try it FREE.

Learning To Bow PDF Free Download

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The #1 Bestseller from The American Bar Association Section of International Law

Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands®:

Courtrooms to Corporate Counsels

Be one of the first to know which body language 'tells' are different across cultures, how diversity on a jury may impact a case, how crimes may be perceived differently across the world, and dozens of other critical cultural tips and taboos. Lawyers know that words matter, but quite often even the most brilliant content gets lost in translation. Imagine the following scenarios:

  • Your Asian client inadvertently blurts out a grotesque insult on the stand.
  • Hispanics on your jury start laughing at your body language.
  • A Russian negotiator seems to be lying right to your face.
  • A Japanese executive prefers jail time rather than tell you the truth.
  • A new French client questions your reasoning, rejects your advice, and debates your decisions.
  • A prospective client will not shake your hand.
  • Why do these things happen? Because people are not alike. Diverse languages, belief systems, business practices and traditions can make intercultural communications exceptionally complex.
Learning To Bow PDF Free Download

Sometimes, negotiations can break down over something as innocuous as whether you should interrupt someone, or sit silently and listen, or wait until you’ve had a meal together to discuss business at all.

The field of law is increasingly competitive. You require accurate intercultural research to help you succeed with diverse clients domestically – as well as with international prospects both in person and virtually.

Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands®: Courtrooms to Corporate Counsels has the right data - written with lawyers for lawyers - by the author whose books have sold over 475,000 copies, and INC Magazine placed on its “7 Best Books on Negotiation” list.

Be ready. All rise.

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Quoted in BBC Travel!

'..knowing which digits are lucky – or unlucky – may be important. “Numbers matter more than you might think,” explained Terri Morrison, speaker and author of the Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands series of etiquette books. “In China, the word for ‘four’ sounds very similar to the word for ‘death’, so it is a good idea to avoid giving anything in fours.”

Learning To Bow Pdf Free Download Windows 10

Pdf download

See the whole article here: BBC Travel, What should I absolutely not do when visiting your country?

About Terri

Terri Morrison is the co-author of ten books, including Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands: The Bestselling Guide to Doing Business in More Than Sixty Countries (A Library Journal Best Business Books Winner and an Amazon.com Bestselling Business Etiquette Book) and Courtrooms to Corporate Counsels. Read More…

Learning To Bow PDF Free Download

International etiquette: (podcast)


You may be confident of your ability to act with courtesy and professionalism in your home country. But with the array of cultural differences, social mores and business traditions you may encounter while traveling, how can you be sure you’re not offending clients and alienating foreign judges and arbiters?

Learning To Bow Pdf Free Download 64 Bit

In this episode of Asked and Answered, the ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward speaks with Terri Morrison, etiquette expert and author of Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: Courtrooms and Corporate Counsels, which is scheduled to be released this summer.

Interested in , Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands® Digital for your Zoom meetings, Webinars, and Distance Learning in 2021?

Email [email protected] to set up a program that will support your intercultural, international, diversity and inclusion goals.

Inc. Magazine’s 7 Best Books!

'Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands' made Inc. Magazine's 7 Best Books on How to Negotiate List!

Nice quote by Geoffrey James:

Why It's Worth Reading: Finally, there's no doubt that negotiating styles different from country to country. This book helps you understand the thought processes and protocols that you'll encounter while dealing with a global economy. Indispensable stuff.

We're honored to be in the company of 'Getting To Yes' and 5 other great authors.

Best Business Books of the Year!

We are delighted that our book, Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands was recognized by the Library Journal as one of the 'Best Business Books of the Year!'
Read the Library Journal's Review

Praise for

Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands: Sales and Marketing

As the global community comes closer together, Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: Sales & Marketing will be a valuable resource to every person in every industry around the world.
Gil A. Cardon, Convention Manager, Japan National Tourism Organization

Just as you can be a connoisseur of wine, Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands: Sales and Marketing can help make you a connoisseur of cultures, philosophies, business behaviors, and social practices. Read it not just for work, but for the human side as well.
Giuseppe G. B. Pezzotti, Sr. Lecturer, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

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