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Explain Pain by David Butler and Dr. Lorimer Moseley is an evidence based book designed for therapists, patients and students. It answers the most common questions asked by pain sufferers: 'why do I hurt?' and 'what can I do for mypain?' Written in simple language that anyone can understand, it encourages patients to move better and research shows that they will have less pain once they have understood its underlying causes.
Explain Pain by David S. Butler

Amy says

After 25 years of chronic pain from CRPS, this book is a godsend--actual neuro scientific explanations for all of the strangeness that is long term pain--the flares, the spreads, the panic. It's a long awaited book for patientseverywhere. I just wish pain clinics knew all of this info and could pass it on to others. I do wish it was more affordable.

Amadeus Bishop says

Explain Pain
Pain is a broad term to explain the brains response to stimulus and action potentials within the body which open nerves and send signals back to the brain. Explain pain emphasises how it is largely mental and when living with painmanaging it contributes mentally more than it does physically. Pain management is something which requires continuous conscious effort and attention without it pain management does not occur to at the optimal level. Following are therecap points.
• All pain experiences are your brains response to what it thinks is a threat.
• The amount of pain you experience does not instantly relate to the amount of tissue damage.
• The construction of the brain and its experience with pain relies on many sensory cues.
• Phantom limb pain serves as a virtual reminder of the virtual limb in the brain.
• Danger sensors are scattered all over the body
• When the excitement level within a neuron reaches the danger level within a neuron a message is sent through the spinal cord.
• When the danger message reaches the spinal cord, it causes release of excitatory chemicals within the synapse.
• Sensors within the danger messenger neurons are activated by those excitatory chemicals into the synapse.
• Sensors in the danger messenger neuron are activated by these chemicals and when the excitement level of the danger messenger neurone reaches critical level a danger message is sent to the brain.
• The message is processed throughout the brain and if the brain concludes you are in danger and you need to act, it will produce pain.
• The brain activates several systems to get you out of danger.
• Tissue damage causes inflammation which directly activates sensors and makes neurones more active.
• Inflammation in the short term prolongs healing.
• Tissue healing depends on the blood supply and the demands on the tissue involved but all tissues can heal.
• The peripheral nerves themselves and the dorsal root ganglion (DRG) can stimulate danger receptors. Normally danger meessages from the nervs and the DRG follow specific patterns.
• When pain persists the danger alarm system becomes more sensitive.
• The danger messenger neurone becomes more excitable and manufactures more sensors for excitable chemicals.
• The brain starts Activating neurons which release excitatory chemicals at the dorsal horn of the spinal cord.
• Response systems become more involved and start contributing to the problem.
• Thoughts and beliefs become more involved and start contributing to the problem.
• The brain adapts to become better at producing the neurotag for pain (the pain tune)
• Danger sensors in the tissues contribute less and less to the danger message arriving at the brain.
• Modern management models incorporate the current scientific knowledge and do not focus solely on tissues.
• These models recognise the importance of alarm system sensitivity, fears, attitudes and beliefs in pain state.
• How you understand and cope with pain effects your pain as well as your life.
• Many people with persistent pain relate to pain as “your guide” these are not helpful and lead to drastic limitation and meaning in life.
• Education and understanding are critical for you to overcome pain and return to life.
• A key is to understand why your hurts won’t harm you and that your nervous system uses pain to protect at all costs. Not to inform you about damage.
• By being patient and persistent, you can use smart activities to gradually increase your activities and involvement in life.
• Purposefully seek out activities that produce danger-reducing chemicals.
• You can quickly learn to exercise the virtual body as well as the actual body.
• By mastering your situation and then planning your return to normal life, you will be able to do so. The research shows that it can work.
Explain pain by David Butler.

John Beattie says

This book is an excellent resource for understanding how pain works in our brains and nervous systems. The text is delivered in a non technical way for ease of understanding and is very informative.
I recommend this book to anyone suffering from chronic pain. This book will help you understand why you still have pain and show you how to deal with it in a sensible and practical manner.
I would dare to suggest that some therapists and medical specialists might be enlightened by reading a copy as well.

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