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  • The only disadvantage is that you must spend most of your time with your back to the action, since the Royal Albert Hall stage and arena is the background to your in-vision image. In order to position you at the correct height you are propped up on two chairs – one stacked on top of the other – which makes for a rather precarious.
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The emails that I send with Thunderbird are clean and very professional when I send them. When my clients respond, their emails are also very clean and professional. However, the string of emails includes '�' after my sentences. These unusual characters also magically appear at the end of sentences in other individuals' emails in the earlier string of emails.

My clients tell me that the characters '�' appear in the email that they receive from me. I would like to know how to eliminate the unwanted addition of these characters.


I Dream Of Jeannie

I definition is - the 9th letter of the English alphabet. How to use i in a sentence.

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