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  2. Sea Base, formerly known as Florida National High Adventure Sea Base is a high adventure program base run by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in the Florida Keys.Its counterparts are the Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico, the Northern Tier National High Adventure Bases in Ely, Minnesota as well as Manitoba and Ontario in Canada, and The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve.
  3. Then you're ready for High Adventure Role Playing: Fantasy. HARP Fantasy brings you all the flexibility, simplicity, and drama you crave. HARP Fantasy has everything you love about fantasy role-playing: flexible character creation, exciting combat, critical hits, potent magic and challenging foes.

Since everyone loves free ebooks, it is easy to find the list of websites to download free ebooks. However, the majority of free ebooks download websites require the registration information for downloading ebooks. For me, I don’t want to register the website just for download some free ebooks. If you are in the same situation as me, you should never miss out this article. In this post, I have collected 10 free ebook download sites without registration. Just check them out to download your favorite ebooks for free now.

Planning a High-Adventure Trip? Each of the four national high-adventure bases has provided a supplemental risk advisory that explains in greater detail some of the risks inherent in that program. All high-adventure participants must read and share this information with their medical providers during their pre-participation physicals. Download or Read online High Adventure full HQ books. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. We cannot guarantee that High Adventure book is available. Click Get Book button to download or read books, you can choose FREE Trial service. Join over 650.000 happy Readers and READ as many books as you like (Personal use).

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1. Project Gutenberg

If you are interested in reading classics and history books, you can always find them at Project Gutenberg. As one of the oldest free ebook download sites, it has more than 60,000 free ebooks in its library now. The topics cover music, history, education, fiction, and more. Another outstanding feature is the contents are well digitized and diligently proofread by thousands of volunteers around the world to ensure the quality and readability. Another thing to be mentioned is you don’t need to sign up to download free ebooks. What’s more, you can even read the the free books online.

2. Z-Library

Z-library is one of the world’s largest online libraries. They have over 4.80 million books and 75,300,000 articles available for free now. When I check this websites, I found it even contains many new released books which is really appealing. There are two ways to get free ebooks from this website: one is just downloading ebooks without registration and the other is using send-to-kindle service on the website. Please note that if you have the free ebooks emailed to you, you need to sign up this online library at first.

3. Getfreeebooks

GetFreeEbooks is a site that can combine authors with readers. At there, readers always can download free ebooks legally without registration. Also, there are some reviews of book to help you know what books are suitable for you. So if you want to find some books to read but don’t have the clearly idea which book to pick, just read some reviews before downloading them. It is another way to save your time and money, right?

4. Open Library

Open Library is an open, editable library where you can download free ebooks without registration. It has more than a million free e-books ready for download. It encourages users to contribute resources and edit the various contents on site so as to keep the eBooks current and educative. The Open Library also support digital lending.

5. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive offers over 20,000,000 freely downloadable books and texts. This online library encourages libraries, content holders and reading communities to digitized their printed material and put them online to benefit all. It mainly stocks obsolete historical and academic books. Readers are able to read online, or download the free ebooks without registration. Also, you will find there are more than one format for downloading these free ebooks.

The Decision to Follow Jesus

6. freecomputerbooks.com

If you are looking for free computer, mathematics, technical books and lecture notes, etc, you should check out freecomputerbooks.com. It is very well categorized by topics, with 13 top level categories, and over 200 sub-categories. Please be noted that all books listed in this website are just hyperlinks to other web pages all over the internet (like search result of google). Therefore, the ebooks are always 100% free.

7. Bookboon.com

Although Bookboon works with industry-leading experts and academics to create high-quality textbooks and business e-books, it offers over a thousand free textbook for free downloading. As for reading business ebooks, you need to purchase their Premium subscription. Also, for downloading textbooks, you don’t need to sign up but just answer some questions.

8. freetechbooks

Pdf Free Download For Windows 7

Freetechbooks.com, very similar to freecomputerbooks.com, offers free computer science books, textbooks and lecture notes legally. After checking this website clearly, I noticed that there are some books you can only read online but others you can download free even without registration. Most of these download books are in pdf format.

9. Baen Free Library

Baen Free library offers many ebooks free to read online or download with no conditions, no strings attached for now. According to their introduction, they may require the registration to read or download these free ebooks later. Great to share is that there are more than one download format for your choice.


Planet eBook has the very clear interface and a good selection of famous classic ebooks in pdf, mobi and epub for downloading. You will find there are some display ads on this website, but I promise there will never be pop-up ads as many other free resource providers.

These are the best ebook download sites without registration that I pick up for your guys today. If you have many other good websites to recommend, please let us know in the following comments. We will check them at first and add them in this list to benefit our readers.

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  • During the coronavirus pandemic, ebooks previously for sale are free - including these full-length books:
  • Megamouse
    A new edition of the highly-praised book about a computer mouse that comes alive.
    'Very funny' (The Observer)
    'A rollicking adventure' (The Independent)
  • Mummy Mania
    Can an Ancient Egyptian mummy really have walked out of the museum? Only Jake and Amber know the truth - and it's up to them to hunt it down!
    'A very funny, fast-moving book' (Write Away)
  • Clone Rangers
    Police dog Benbow has to trace some very special children hidden in the ruined City. Can he find them before time runs out?
    'Readers of nine and upwards will love it' (Independent on Sunday)
  • See below for more full-length books for older readers.
  • Dinosaur Stories:
  • Earthshaker
    A very large dinosaur comes to stay
  • Elly and Aargh!
    Elly the dinosaur makes a new friend
  • King of the Killers
    Can a T Rex outwit two huge and hungry dinosaurs?
  • Alien Tales:
  • Alien Ahoy!
    A family in space meet a most unusual alien
  • The Moon Monster
    There's something scary on the moon! Belinda and the starship crew explore..
  • The Spooky Spaceship
    Why is an empty ship sending a distress call? More fun with Belinda and the crew
  • The Runaway Space School
    When the crew go to school, disaster strikes! Who can save them?
  • Custard Castle Stories:
  • The Thing in the Dungeon
    There's something scary in Custard Castle!
  • The Dragon under the Stairs
    Custard Castle is freezing! Why won't the dragon light the fires?
  • The Messy Princess
    Princess Fifi causes trouble..
  • The Marvellous Moat
    The King's plans for a new moat go horribly wrong!
  • The Surprising Storm
    The Wizard's spell causes some unusual weather!
  • Princess Fifi's Frog
    Fifi's prince isn't what she expected..
  • Dragon Dilemma
    Why has Custard Castle's dragon grown so big?
  • Spring Clean
    Bella wants to clean the castle - but a magic broom has other ideas!
  • The New Witch
    The King of Custard Castle hires a witch - and gets more than he bargained for.
  • The Other Ghost
    A strange new ghost is haunting Custard Castle..
  • The Ghost of Custard Castle
    Six more stories about Custard Castle in one ebook - now free to download!
    Inkwell School Stories:
  • Mr Podge's Porridge
    Jamie has a very strange teacher!
  • The Dragon's Birthday
    A scary dragon appears in the playground..
  • Iron Beans
    A giant arrives for lunch at Inkwell School.
  • Mr Spigot Forgets
    Will the school inspector's visit end in disaster?
    Pirate's Parrot Stories:
  • The Pirate's Parrot
    Neptune the parrot lives a pirate's life on the high seas. But then the ship sinks..
  • Captain Snatchit's Revenge
    Captain Snatchit discovers he's been tricked by the parrots.
  • The Wreck of the Seaslug
    Captain Snatchit is back with his pirate gang - and he's up to no good!
  • Other easy stories:
  • Humdrum the Hippo
    Why does nobody want to listen to Humdrum's wonderful story?
  • Eagle Eyes
    Cosmo the eagle can't understand why he keeps crashing!
  • Granny Small
    She's so small that she could blow away on a breeze - and she does!
  • Uncle Hand-Me-Down
    Luke hates old things - until Uncle Hand-Me-Down arrives..
  • The Weather Tin
    It's Jamie's football party, but who has stolen all the weather?
  • Croc Wants to Play
    An animal story with a difference: younger children can help you to tell it!
  • WHEElers - fun behind the wheel!
  • Petrol Paws
    Can a dog really learn to drive? When Horace gets behind the wheel, it means smashes, crashes and fun all the way! A free full-length book.
  • Race Night
    The free sequel to Petrol Paws. The cats challenge Horace to a race - but can they be trusted?
  • Flying Fur
    Horace builds an eco-car! What could possibly go wrong? Now free!
  • Horace's Christmas Sleigh
    A Christmas special about Horace and his friends.
  • More short chapter books..
  • Sharkbiter
    Mr McBlister makes the fearsome robot Sharkbiter to get rid of the sharks. But who will get rid of Sharkbiter?
  • Save the Unicorn!
    Only Kia can save the unicorn from the hunters - if it will let her!
  • Bad Frog!
    Olly longs for a pet. But when Mr Splat the frog moves in, he causes havoc..
  • Bad Frog at School
    When Olly takes Mr Splat to school, it means more trouble!
  • Bad Frog at Work
    Mr Splat needs a job, or Great-Aunt Grindle will throw him out!
  • Bobbins
    Can Bobbins prove himself as brave as the other cats living in the mill?
  • See below for full-length books..
  • Doofus, Dog of Doom
    Every time he howls, terrible things seem to happen! Can Doofus really be a black dog of ancient legend?
  • Doofus on the Edge
    The second book about the mysterious black dog Doofus. When Clive and Holly take him on holiday, strange things start to happen..
  • One Thousand Lollipops
    A fast and funny chapter book. When Sam wins a thousand lollipops, it's a dream come true - but soon the dream turns into a disaster..
  • Cosmic Camel
    Donal finds himself on a deadly mission in space - with a little green alien and a camel. Thrills and laughs in this free full-length book!
  • The Trophy Trap
    Abby's name is on the trophy, so why should her brother have it? Her attempts to get it back leave chaos in their wake.
  • I Can't See You
    All Reece wants is to make friends at his new school. But when Oliver snubs him, he plans a very unusual revenge!

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  • Christmas Stories
  • Cold Cuthbert's Journey
    Can Cold Cuthbert the snowman really learn to walk?
  • The Best Christmas Play Ever
    The parents take over the school play..
  • Horace's Christmas Sleigh
    Horace the dog decides to be Santa!
  • Kindle owners
    You can buy an omnibus edition containing most of the shorter stories listed above in one volume:
    33 Easy Chapter Books for Younger Children is at Amazon UK here or Amazon US here.

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