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Radio amateur activities

Amateur Radio Q-Code Code Question Answer or Statement QRA What is the name of your station? The name of my station is. QRG Will you tell me my exact frequency? Your exact frequency is kHz. QRH Does my frequency vary? Your frequency varies. QRI How is the tone of my transmission? The tone of your transmission is (1-Good. Printable Amateur Radio Logbooks. Below are some printable logbooks (or logsheets) which I made to use whilst operating portable, such as SOTA. They are available in PDF format, for you to print on to A4 paper. The portrait version includes three extra columns compared to the landscape version, which are band, mode and power. Green eggs and ham. Download or Read online Green Eggs And Ham full HQ books. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. We cannot guarantee that Green Eggs And Ham book is available. Click Get Book button to download or read books, you can choose FREE Trial service. Join over 650.000 happy Readers and READ as many books as you like (Personal use).

Files to download

Finding the information you are looking for on the web is not always an easy task. Beside search engines, forums and radioclubs that can answer to your questions, to get some awards for example you need to know what DXCC entities, IOTA, Antarctic bases or lighthouses are requested. Another day you need to known on what frequencies work QRP stations, you are looking for a beacon, an antenna manufacturer, a DSP software or a logger. But where to find this information or such lists ?

In pray of the same difficulties, I decided to search for this information and to compile these data in several Excel worksheets that you will find below, near other useful links.

1. General information

- International institutions : ITU, IARU, CEPT, ERO, CITEL (Americas), ATU (Africa), European Union

- National telecommunication regulators : FCC (USA), WIA (VK), ANFR, ARCEP (F), IBPT (ON), ILR (LX), see also Wikipédia.fr.

- ITU regulation : ITU-R official regulation and codes (2004), see Phonetic and Q codes in appendices 14 and 15 (PDF, 7 MB)

Amateur radio associations

- IARU : includes contacts of each national radio amateur society

Files to download (in PDF or XLS)

- Worldwide Spectrum Allocations, poster provided by Tektronix in PDF format, 2015

- Radio spectrum bandplan, frequency allocation from 3 kHz to 30 GHz, U.S. Department of Commerce, 2011

- The Electromagnetic spectrum, from 31.2 mHz to 6.52 EHz, PDF poster designed by Anthony Tekatch, Unihedron, 2004

- IARU Region 1 Band Plan (PDF file), IARU, 2016

- HFbands (xls file), Region 1 Europe band plan of HF frequencies from 136 kHz to 30 MHz (graphical & tabular forms), 2004

- US Band Plan (jpg file and PDF file), US band plan from 1.8 MHz to 1300 MHz, ARRL, 2017

- Band Plan, detailled frequencies allocation from 1 kHz to 250 GHz, 2004

- QRP frequencies, list HF frequencies used for QRP activities

- Beacons, list more than 1000 International HF beacons from 1.8 to 50 MHz

- CQzones, list all 40 zones (see CQ Magazine) and concerned entities (DXCC)

- DXNet, the main DX and local networks working in HF bands with time and frequencies

- DXCC, list all 339 DXCC (see ARRL) entities with their prefix(es), QSL bureau, ITU zone, CQ zone, Time Zone and Entity code

- ITUzones, list all 90 zones defined by ITU

- MostWantedDX, the 'most wanted' countries, are also listed yearly in The DX Magazine.

- Reflectors, list many radio amateurs and astronomy mail servers (list servers)

- Amateur Radioastronomy by F5VLB (aussi en français)

- Famous hams, list call signs of some celebrities (kings, actors, scientists, etc)

- Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur (PDF in several languages), IARU

2. Ham Links

- General information (where to go 1st) : AC6V, QRZ, eHam.net, Radioamateur.org (F)

- News : QRZ now, DX Zone, ARRL, RSGB, IARU, ITU

- Education : ARRL, W5YI,Electronics Tutorials, Wikipedia, F6CRP (F), RSGB Catalog, Amazon.com

- Forums and newgroups : rec.radio.amateur.antenna, uk.radio.amateur, hfradio forums, W5KUB (incl.video)

- Reflectors (maillists) : QTH.net Mailing lists (e.g. DX4WIN, ICOM, KENWOOD, YAESU, RemoteOperating, Antennas, etc), Reflectors.xls,

- For amateur radios using OS X : Mac Ham Radio

- Magazine (paper) : QST, QST 1916-1941, QEX, CQ Magazine, Radcom (UK, RSGB), CQDL (DL, DARC)

- Magazine (online) : DX Magazine, Ham Radio Online, RadioUser, AntenneX, Dubus (see also 'News')

- Webzine (en français) : Radioamateur (VE), Radioamateur.org (F), ON6NR (B), UBA (B)

- Ads (US/English second hand market) : RDX Zone Radio Classified Ads, Ham Radio Sales UK, QTH.com, ebay

- Ads (marché d'occasion F/ON) : Radioamateur.org, Radioamateur.fr, Electronique Radioamateur, 2ememain.be, Bourse UBA, ebay

- Amplifiers (tubes): Acom International, Alpha Radio, Ameritron, Commander, Emtron, Henry Radio

QRO Technologies, Ten-Tec, Tokyo Hy Power, Ulvin International, Andrews Communications Systems

- Amplifiers (solid-state) : Alpha Radio, Ameritron, Henry Radio, Icom, Tokyo Hy-Power, Yaesu, Communication Concepts

- Antennas (emission) : Allied Antennas, Alpha Delta, B&W, Banttow, Bencher-Butternut, Buddipole, Cubex, Cushcraft, Degen, Diamond, Force12, GAP, GB AntennesGiovannini Elettromeccanica (antenna.it), Hex-beam, Hi-Q,Hustler, High Sierra, Hy-Gain, KVK, Light Beam Antenna & Apparatus, llcMosley, NCG-Comet, OptiBeam, PKW, Sommer, Steppir, Tennadyne, TGM, Titanex, Tonna, ZeroFive-Antennas, Portable HF antennas (Excel sheet)

- Antenna tuners : Alpha Delta, Ameritron, Kenwood, LDG Electronics, MFJ Enterprises, Nye-Viking, PalStar, Ten-Tec, Tokyo Hy-Power, Vectronics, Yaesu

- Callbooks and QSL Info : HamCall (ex-Buckmaster), HamGallery, Hamradio (ON), Pathfinder, QRZ, QSL

- Call sign (logo) : K7BON (carved in Oak), Maxsell (electrogolden badge), Project GM (LED call sign), Radio covers, HotPress Embroidered ham hats

- QSL managers : see callbooks and clusters, QRZ, IK3QAR QSL Manager lookup, 425 DX News, NO4J, OPDX

- QSL printshops : The DXZone listing, IT9EJW, IK1PML, QSL Shop, Cheap QSLs

- BCL: Hard-Core DX, DRM, TV RadioWorld, Find out SW Broadcasters per Frequency, Radio Plateau, ComFM

Green Eggs And Ham Pdf Free Download

- DX Cluster : DXHeat, DX Summit, WSPRNet, DX Galaxy, DX Central (port:6904), LOTW, eHam, DXMaps, Ham Radio Deluxe (cf. this list of web clusters and FTP clusters), Reverse Beacon Network, AR-Cluster User manual

- Dealers : DX Engineering, MFJ Enterprises, RF Parts, UKW-Berichte, Universal Radio, Vine, WiMo, WSPLC

- Frequencies list : ERO (PDF), Klingenfuss (HF). See also above 'General information'

- Radios (online) : Radio garden, Internet radio, Internet Radio UK, Ecouter Radio en Ligne (F)

- Receivers : Bearcat, Icom (classical), Scancat and AOR (scanners), WinRadio, ADS-B (Air Traffic L-band)

- Remote ham radio : RemoteHamRadio, W4MQ (Internet Remote Base), RemoteShack, 3819khz.net (see also SDR interfaces)

- Reviews : eHam.net without to forget QST, CQ (US) and RadCom (UK) magazines, as well as your national IARU club and its publication(s). See also links and reviews in PDF format at the end of page How to select an HF transceiver ?

- SDR receivers : FlexRadio Systems, Funcube, RTL-SDR, SDRPlay, AirSpy HF Plus, DX Patrol, SDR Sharp, HackRF, Roundup of SDR (RTL-SDR), SDR-Radio, WebSDR, KN0CK HF SDR Receiver

- SDR online receivers : WebSDR.org, WebSDR, WebSDR VHF (including ISS), DXHeat (clic on individual call signs to listen to their QSO)

- SWR-meters & wattmeters : Alpha Radio, Ameritron, Array Solutions, Autek, Bird, Daiwa/NCG, MFJ Enterprises, Ten-Tec, Yaesu

- Towers and poles (USA, VE, VK) : Aluma, Anchor Guard, AN Wireless, Antenna Systems, Champion Radio, ComTrain, Custom Metalworks, Galvatech 2000 (VE), Glen Martin Engineering, Inc., Harger Lightning Protection, Inc., Heights Tower Systems, IIX Equipment Limited, K0XG Rotating Tower, Nally radio towers (VK), PCE Int., Pirod (Valmont), Rohn Industries, Inc., The Mast Company, TIC ringrotor, Trylon, US Tower, XXTowers

Green Eggs And Ham Pdf Free Download

- Towers and poles (Europe) : Banttow (PA), CTA (F), De Kerf (Bazel in ON), Hummel Al-Towers (DL), ProSisTel (I), Thomas Global Register Europe, Titanex (DL), Trivalantene (S5), Trylon (ON), Vargarda radio (SM)

- Transceivers : Rigpix (database of al TX and RX), Alinco, Collins, Elecraft, Icom, Kenwood, SGC, Ten-Tec, Yaesu/Vertex

- Videos on YouTube : My PlayList (100+ videos)

- Vidéos en Français sur YouTube : La radioamateur par VE2CWQ, Radio Amateur, Activitées radioamateurs, Activitées en portable

- Antenna Modeling : NEC, MultiNEC, MultiProp, and many others (Cebik)

- Calculator : Smith Chart Calculator, Attenuation & Power Handling Calculator (for cabling)

- CAT : Callsign, VA3CR.net, WinRADIO, HamSphere, RCP for TS-570D series (see also under 'Logger' and 'SDR')

- Clocks : Iridium, GeoClock, Time in the world (on this site)

- CW training : NuMorse, UFT, ProfMorse, Koch, Just Learn Morse Code

- DSP and decoding programs : Fldigi, Multipsk, RCKskimmer, Spectrum Laboratory, Easygram, Hamscope, Skysweeper Pro, MMSSTV, ChromaPIX, HF-FAX, Digita Modes Links (see also my short review)

- EME software : F2TU, VK3UM

- Gray line : Fourmilab, QSL.Net, also included in most propagation programs and loggers

- HF Propagation : Review of propagation prediction programs and beacon managers (on this site)

- Logger : AC Log, CommCat, DX4Win, DXKeeper (DX Lab Suite), DX Atlas, EasyLog, Ham Radio Deluxe (licence) and V5.24 (freeware), Log4OM, Logger32, LOGic 9, LoTW, Lux-Log, MacLoggerDX, MicroLog, N1MM Logger, nGenLog, Prolog2k, SwissLog, WinLog32

- Ham world maps : Mapability (free), World Map by UT0EM on Amazon (not free)


- QTH/Grid Locator : QRZ GridMapper, AMSAT QTH Locator, WinLoc, Maidenhead grid square locator map

- Radio Meteor : Colorgramme WMeteor, HROFFT2RMOB

- SDR : Airspy (SDR#), HDSDR, SDR-Radio, Linrad, GQRX, CubicSDR, ShinySDR, Sodira, CuSDR, SeeDeR, Spektrum, SDR-J

- SDR (for androids) : SDR Touch, Wavesink Plus, RFAnalyzer

Hamilton Anxiety Scale Printable Scoring

- Satellite Tracking Software : SatScape, Element manager, Nova for Windows, WXSAT, WXTrack, Orbitron

- Signal processing : AVS Audio utilities, Audacity, FFTDSP

- VoIP communication software : EchoLink, IRLP, WIRES-II, I-link, eQSO, HamSphere, Skype.


- Air traffic status : Flightradar

- Air traffic audio : Live ATC

- Weather balloon monitoring : SondeMonitor

4. Awards related

- K1BV Awards directory (with direct link per country), list over 3300 awards

- Belgian-P10, the 10 belgian provinces

- BCA-castels, 132 belgian castels

- Castels of France, over 2650 castels, DFCF and other related awards

- CEA, the 45 countries members of the Council of Europe

- DCI, 104 italian castels counting for the DCI award (e.g. CN-040, etc)

- EA-islands, 446 spanish islands (e.g. ISN 01-1-1, etc)

- EWWA, 326 entities members (there are light differences with DXCC !)

- France-region, the 22 regions of France (to not confuse with departments)

- IIA-islands, 789 italian islands

- IOTA, link to RSGB's IOTA home page

- IOTA, 1192 islands on the air (e.g. EU-xxx, etc)

« Color My World’ » is a song written by American musician James Pankow, one of the founding members of the rock/jazz fusion band Chicago. What color is my world pdf free download version.

- IOCA, 231 croatian islands (e.g. CI-xxx, etc)

- Map of Japan districts (Jx0 to Jx9)

- JCC-JCG, all japanese prefectures, cities and guns

- LGT-WLH, list about 1000 lighthouses from WLH, the only one official for DX-peditions

- LGT-ARLHS, list about 6000 worldwide lighthouses sorted by country, 344 KB .exe file to extract.

- WABA, over 130 callsigns used by Antarctic bases

- RU-oblast, 92 russian oblasts (territories) with a commentary about Russian callsigns

- RU-robinson, 159 islands groups members of the Russian Robinson

- US-Counties, 3095 US counties and 418 counties inspired by Native American subjects

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