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Daddy's Girl

I lay awake in my bed. It was raining tonight. I can never get to sleep when it rains. I could hear my father moving around downstairs.

I slipped on my robe and padded down the stairs. My father was typing away on the computer. Probably working on another Pulitzer- prize winning novel.

'Izzy, it's after midnight. Shouldn't you be asleep?' he asked, twisting his chair around to face me.

'It's raining,' I said.

'Oh, I forgot. You could never sleep when it was raining.'

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His strawberry blonde hair was messy and his blue eyes were blood shot.

'Do you want me to pour you a drink?' I asked.

'No, I'm fine.'

Thunder struck outside and I jumped.

'Hey, it's okay. The thunder can't get you in here,' he said, putting his arms around me.

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He smelled like vodka. I hated it when he drank. He had been smoking too. It sounds kind of strange, but the smell of smoke always comforted me. My father probably came out of the womb with a cigarette in his hand.

He slipped off my robe.

'You're freezing,' he said.

'It's cold,' I replied.

He kissed me. My body started to shake. I knew what he was doing. He slipped the strap of my tank top down. His warm hand made my cold skin melt.

'Daddy,' I whispered.


'Baby, it's okay. Just let daddy warm you up,' he said.

He took off my shirt and fondled my peach sized breasts. I inhaled deeply. It felt so good. He sat me on his desk and slipped off my gray sweatpants. His hands hooked around the waistband of my panties and took them off.

'Daddy, we can't,' I whined.

'Shh, baby. Just relax your body,' he said, running his hands through my hair.

He removed his clothes and plunged into me. I wasn't a virgin. But I stilled screamed. I cried. He helped me put back on my clothes.

'Baby, this is our secret,' he said.

'I know, daddy. I won't tell anyone.'

'I know you won't. Your daddy's girl.'

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He kissed me and I went back to bed. Suddenly, the rain didn't bother me anymore.