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Cold Hard Truth
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 22, 1999
ProducerKeith Stegall
George Jones chronology
It Don't Get Any Better Than This
Cold Hard Truth
The Rock: Stone Cold Country 2001
Professional ratings
Review scores

Cold Hard Truth is the 56th studio album by Americancountry music singer George Jones. The album was released on June 22, 1999 on the Asylum label.


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Cold Hard Truth was released only three months after Jones was involved in an accident when he crashed his sport utility vehicle near his home. He was rushed to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he was released two weeks later. (In his memoir published three years earlier, Jones admitted that he sometimes had a glass of wine before dinner and that he still drank beer occasionally but insisted, 'I don't squirm in my seat, fighting the urge for another drink' and speculated, '..perhaps I'm not a true alcoholic in the modern sense of the word. Perhaps I was always just an old fashion drunk.') Dr. Virginia Eddy commented to Jim Patterson of The Associated Press that the 67-year-old singer was 'at death's door when he came in.' The doctors were astonished at the rate of his recovery. The crash was a significant turning point, as Jones explained to Billboard in 2006: '..when I had that wreck I made up my mind, it put the fear of God in me. No more smoking, no more drinking. I didn't have to have no help, I made up my mind to quit. I don't crave it.'


Cold Hard Truth was Jones's first album for Asylum Records after leaving MCA Nashville and was produced by Keith Stegall. Its most popular song was 'Choices', a confessional ballad tailor-made for Jones to sing. The music video, which features photographs of the singer throughout his life, had a more gripping resonance in light of Jones's recent drunk driving accident with lines like, 'Now I'm living and dying with the choices I've made.' Radio stations began receiving calls to hear it and the song eventually won Jones the Grammy for Best Male Country Vocal Performance. The song was also at the center of controversy when the Country Music Association invited Jones to perform it on the awards show, but required that he perform an abridged version. Jones refused and did not attend the show. Alan Jackson was disappointed with the association's decision and halfway through his own performance during the show he signaled to his band and played part of Jones' song in protest.

Vince Gill and Patty Loveless provide background vocals on the album's closing tracks 'When The Last Curtain Falls'. 'You Never Know Just How Good You've Got It' was originally recorded by Tracy Byrd on his 1994 album No Ordinary Man.


After years of country radio indifference, Cold Hard Truth was released to raves and shot to number 5 on Billboard's country albums charts, the first Jones album to do so since Wine Colored Roses in 1986, and even hit number 53 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Country Weekly said of the album, 'At age 67, George is singing better than ever, and proves here that there’s no substitute for experience. Cold Hard Truth is easily his most emotional and moving music in ages.' AllMusic writes that the album 'returns to the sound of his classic Mercury and UA recordings, meaning that there's nothing but honky tonk ballads and ravers throughout..In short, it's the album hardcore fans have said they've always wanted Jones to make.' Don McLeese of agrees: 'Though George Jones suffered a near-fatal collision while recording this album, Cold Hard Truth has the vocal command of an artist with a new lease of life.' In a 2001 interview with Mark Binelli from Rolling Stone, Leonard Cohen asked, 'Have you heard George Jones' last record Cold Hard Truth? I love to hear an old guy lay out his situation. He has the best voice in America.'

Track listing[edit]

1.'Choices'Billy Yates, Mike Curtis3:26
2.'The Cold Hard Truth'Jamie O'Hara4:08
3.'Sinners & Saints'J.B. Rudd, Vip Vipperman, Darryl Worley2:29
4.'Day After Forever'Max D. Barnes3:54
5.'Ain't Love a Lot Like That'Mark Collie, Dean Miller2:20
6.'Our Bed of Roses'Keith Stegall, Zack Turner4:12
7.'Real Deal'Jim Dowell, Keith Gattis3:25
8.'This Wanting You'T. Graham Brown, Bruce Bouton, Bruce Burch3:09
9.'You Never Know Just How Good You've Got It'Mark Nesler3:29
10.'When the Last Curtain Falls'Emory Gordy, Jr., Jim Rushing3:37


  • Eddie Bayers – drums
  • Stuart Duncan – fiddle
  • Paul Franklin – steel guitar
  • Vince Gill – background vocals
  • Owen Hale – drums
  • George Jones – acoustic guitar, lead vocals
  • Patty Loveless – background vocals
  • Larry Marrs – background vocals
  • Brent Mason – electric guitar
  • Hargus 'Pig' Robbins – piano
  • John Wesley Ryles – background vocals
  • Bruce Watkins,Mark Casstevens – acoustic guitar
  • Glenn Worf – bass guitar

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Weekly charts[edit]

Chart (1999)Peak
US Billboard 200[2]53
US Top Country Albums (Billboard)[3]5

Year-end charts[edit]

Chart (1999)Position
US Top Country Albums (Billboard)[4]34
Chart (2000)Position
US Top Country Albums (Billboard)[5]40


United States (RIAA)[6]Gold


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Cold Hard Truth Pdf free. download full

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The longer I’m a widow, the less interested I am in “the cold hard truth”, and the more interested I become in the way we see that “cold hard truth”.

The truth is not so much what happened, but how we perceived it. That perception, ultimately, makes us either a victim or a survivor.

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t have our time of grieving – because that is normal and necessary to our healing. There are times in life when we must be open to the pain and deal with it. Without a doubt, grief is important.

Hillary the other woman pdf free download 64 bit. But the exact same circumstances in life can turn out completely different responses. We are not always in control of our fate, but how we interpret our lives is totally in our control.


Cold Hard Truth Pdf Free Download Free

We are all different, composed of all the weird and wonderful parts that make us unique. If we try to see things only through our eyes than we miss what matters most, the person behind those “cold hard truths”. That is why it’s important not to judge others.

As a widow it’s a full time job to watch my own journey – victim and survivor days, both come and go.

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My best advice is to try to see things with the kindest interpretation, striving to see a more beautiful world when everything seems to be falling apart around us. If you do that, I promise that grieving will make you a survivor and not a victim.