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1-2 Global Air Traffic Management Operational Concept 1.2.2 The ATM system is a system that provides air traffic management through the collaborative integration of humans, information, technology, facilities and services, supported by air, ground and/or space-based communications, navigation and surveillance. 1.3 SCOPE OF THE CONCEPT. ICAO Abbreviation and Codes - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Air traffic control surveillance scale). Download Course Materials. This package contains the same content as the online version of the course. For help downloading and using course materials, read our frequently asked questions.

Introductory Slides (PDF - 2.4 MB)

Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance (PDF - 2.0 MB)

Air Traffic PDF Free Download

Trans pdf free download. Basic Procedures (PDF)

Modernization Plans (PDF - 6.9 MB)

Airport Operations (PDF - 1.7 MB) (Courtesy of Philippe A. Bonnefoy. Used with permission.)

Air Traffic Flow Management (FAA Command Center) (PDF - 4.5 MB)

Oceanic and International ATC (PDF - 3.2 MB)

Next Generation Air Transportation System Initiative (PDF - 2.8 MB) (Courtesy of Dr. Sherry Borener. Used with permission.)

System-Wide Modeling for the Joint Planning and Development Office (PDF - 3.4 MB) (Courtesy of Dr. Sherry Borener. Used with permission.)

European AIS Database Portfolio Analysis (PDF) (Courtesy of Dan Goldner and Jack Fearnsides. Used with permission.)

Controller Training and Labor Issues (PDF - 1.6 MB)

Air Traffic Control Funding and User Fees (PDF - 1.4 MB)


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Air Traffic PDF Free Download

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The 2016 version (16th Edition) of Doc 4444 (Officially “PANS-ATM, or Procedures for Navigation Services – Air Traffic Management) was published in November 2016 by ICAO.

This manual contains critical information for aircrews operating internationally.

Download the original document here (PDF, 6mB), and note:

Air Traffic Pdf Free Download Free

  • The 16th edition incorporates the changes in Revisions 1-7 of the previous, 2007 edition.

Air Traffic Pdf free download. software

Feb 15th, 2017 In the first six weeks of 2017 there have been some important changes on the NAT/North Atlantic. These are published in the latest edition of NAT Doc 007, January 2017.

  • TCAS 7.1: From January 1st, 2017, TCAS 7.1 is required throughout the entire NAT region.
  • Cruising Level: Effective 2017, you no longer need to file an ICAO standard cruising level in NAT airspace.
  • Gross Nav Error: is now defined as greater than 10nm (used to be 25nm)
  • Contingency Procedure: Published January 2017, a new turn-back (180) procedure is introduced – turn back to parallel previous track by 15nm.
  • Datalink Mandate Exemptions: Announced January 2017, new exemptions for Phase 2B of the Datalink mandate, which will start on December 7, 2017 (FL350-390). Exempt: Tango Routes, airspace north of 80N, and New York OCA.

Feb 15th, 2017: FSB published the full NAT Crossing Guide “My first North Atlantic Flight is tomorrow“.

– What’s different about the NAT, changes in 2017, 2016, 2015, NAT Quick Map
– Routine Flight Example #1 – Brussels to JFK (up at 5.45am)
– Non Routine-Flights: No RVSM, No RNP4, No HF, 1 LRNS, No HLA, No ETOPS, No TCAS, No Datalink – what you can do and where you can go
Take a look.

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