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Some of the statutes and regulations enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor require that notices about applicable labor laws be displayed in the workplace. Failure to post notices can result in stiff penalties and possible fines. provides free electronic copies of all mandatory posters that can be printed out at your convenience.

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Where can I download free Labor Posters?

State and Federal agencies make mandatory labor law posters available for free download on their websites, however, these government websites are often difficult to navigate and quite confusing. So, we’ve compiled all government sources for free labor law posters into one organized, accessible resource and provided direct links to download and print the posters you need more easily.

Free Labor Law Posters vs. Professional Ones



Well, they’re free - which is a pretty big deal. If you have a small budget then being able to download and print labor law posters at no cost, is significant. For ultimate convenience, we’ve made each workplace poster available as one PDF file that can be downloaded for free right from our site - so you can avoid the hassle of dealing with government websites altogether.We must be honest, there can be some drawbacks to relying on free printable labor law posters. Unfortunately, government websites are not always reliable. Broken links and outdated information is not uncommon. What’s more, if you decide to print labor law posters from these free government sources, you’ll also need to be diligent in regularly checking for updates and new requirements as labor laws change are inevitable.
Instead of printing multiple pages, buy All-in-One Professional Labor Law Posters that contains Federal / State laws and protects employers from posting fines and possible workplace conflicts like wage and hours disputes, harassment or discrimination.

What Labor Posters are required for my business


For your convenience we gathered All mandatory, industry related and recommended posters on this page. Downloaded labor law posters meet an employer’s legal obligation. Be aware that if you elect to print posters yourself, labor laws change frequently over time & you should check regularly that you have the most recent versions and new requirements.
While DOL provides free electronic copies, offers all Federal and State mandatory free labor law posters in more organized and easy way to print or download free of charge.

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What is the penalty for failing to display Labor Law posters?

The maximum penalty for violating the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) posting requirement is $12,675.
State posting requirements can also carry penalties. For example, failure to display the Cal/OSHA safety and health protection poster carries a $7,000 fine.

Are employers required to display posters at EVERY site where they have employees?

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If your employees fall under the Fair Labor Standards Act’s minimum wage provisions, information explaining the Act must be posted in all of your business locations where employees can easily access and read the notice.

Employees, if you believe a required poster isn’t posted at your job, contact Idaho Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division. We would be glad to reach out to your employer, inform them of the law and ensure they are in compliance with all of Federal and State laws and the posting of required posters.

Is there a one-stop shop to get all of these required labor posters?

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Not from the government. To get them on your own, an employer would have to contact many different federal and state agencies, depending on the state. You’d also have to know which specific posters to request for your business.


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Download Labor Law Posters

StateAgency Required Posters
AlabamaAlabama Department of Labor3 + Federal
AlaskaDepartment Of Labor and Workforce Development 4
Arizona Industrial Commission 7 posters
Arkansas Department Of Labor 2 posters
California Department Of Industrial Relations 9 posters
Colorado Department Of Labor and Employment 7 posters
Connecticut Department Of Labor 7 posters
Delaware Department Of Labor 2 posters
District of Columbia Office Of Human Rights 3
Florida Department Of Economic Opportunity 2
Georgia Department Of Labor 7 posters
Hawaii Department Of Labor and Industrial Relations 6 posters
Idaho Department Of Labor 2 posters
Illinois Department Of Labor 3 posters
IndianaDepartment Of Workforce Development 8 posters
Iowa Department Of Workforce Development 3 posters
Kansas Department Of Labor 2 posters
Kentucky Labor Cabinet 11 posters
Louisiana Office Of Human Resources 11 posters
Maine Department Of Labor 6 posters
MarylandDepartment Of Labor, Licensing and Regulation 6 posters
MassachusettsDepartment Of Labor and Workforce Development 5 posters
MichiganDepartment Of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs 2 posters
MinnesotaDepartment Of Labor & Industry 12 posters
MississippiDepartment Of Employment Security 4 posters
Missouri Department Of Labor & Industrial Relations 8 posters
Montana Department Of Labor & Industry 5 posters
Nebraska Department Of Labor 6 posters
Nevada Department Of Business and Industry 7 posters
New HampshireDepartment Of Labor 6 posters
New JerseyDepartment Of Labor and Workforce Development 10 posters
New Mexico Department Of Workforce Solutions 4 posters
New York Department Of Labor 5 posters
North Carolina Department Of Labor 6 posters
North Dakota Department Of Labor and Human Rights 2 posters
Ohio Department Of Commerce 1 posters
Oklahoma Oklahoma Employment Security Commission 1 posters
Oregon Bureau Of Labor and Industry 4 posters
Pennsylvania Department Of Labor & Industry 8 posters
Rhode Island Department Of Labor and Training 6 posters
South Carolina Department Of Labor, Licensing and Regulation 2 posters
South Dakota Department Of Labor and Regulation 3 posters
Tennessee Department Of Labor and Workforce Development 9 posters
Texas Workforce Commission 2 posters
Utah Labor Commission 3 posters
Vermont Department Of Labor 6 posters
Virginia Employment Commission 4 posters
Washington Department Of Labor & Industries 3 posters
West Virginia Division of Labor 1 posters
Wisconsin Department Of Workforce Development 1 posters
Wyoming Department Of Workforce Services 1 posters