I am Kanishk Shirke. I was introduced to photography as a subject during BMM. It was something that I had to understand to submit a few photography assignments. In the journey of completing the assignments even I don’t remember  when I was drawn into it.

Later I became a member of Photographic Society of India, the oldest photography club of Mumbai. They had a slideshow presentation every friday by different professionals or senior members of the club. That opened up a new world of understanding about photography for me. Most of my understanding about photography comes from there.

Understanding cinema was also a part of my cirriculum. Our teacher showed us different films during lecture explaining the pecularities of each element. I now have a different perspective when I watch films that I would like to share with the world.

Music has been a special part of my life. For me listening to a song is like reading a book. I listen to songs over and over again again to understand them.

I am currently learning digital marketing from IIDE. An understanding of the digital world will help me to share the knowledge that I have gained till now. I hope to inspire you.