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Indies, by Bartolome de las Casas This eBook is for the use of anyone PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK DESTRUCTION OF THE INDIES ***. “A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies,” by Bartolome de Las Casas Las Casas was not the only clerical voice that criticized Spanish imperialists. A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies – Wikipedia

When he came into these Countries, the Indians, as they were wont, met him with accustomed signs of joy and gladness; but he immediately brake forth into his wonted cruelties, to attain his usual scope, which was the heaping up of Gold, the only God which they adore. At length they receiv’d them, but on condition that they would come alone and not let any other of the Spaniards enter in among them, which those religious persons promis’d, for they had not only a liberty, but a command from the Governor of New Spain, that they should so promise them, and that the Spaniards should do them no harm or injury.

For every foot there came five or six ships which returned full of Indians into the Regions of Panama and Peru, where they were sold, and ended their days in captivity. The reason why they did captivate the Indians was only this; out of a perverse, obstinate and blind desire of heaping up Gold and riches, which is common to all that have gone into America. And as for the Indians that take arms to defend themselves destrhction think it better to die once, then to fall into the hands of their enemies, and to be afflicted with many deaths.

Now because the Indians have but few servants, for it is a very great matter to see above three servants in that place waiting upon a Noble man; therefore the Nobility were fain to come to their subjects, from whom first they took all the Orphans, then coming to those that had many children, from them that had two they took one, and from those who had three they demanded two; and thus they were lae to make up the Number which the threatening Tyrant required, while the poor people wept and deplor’d the sad misfortune of their Children, over whom they are very tender.


These ambitious, blind and execrable tyrants going out of this Region to seek more riches, there went with them four Monks of dw Order of St. It was written for Charles I of Spain. They left these Countries very much troubled and confused, having incurred no small infamy by reason of the Crimes which they committed, though they were not many: Let these actions be well considered, and whether the Indians so taken may be justly enslaved or no.

It happened also, by reason that it came into the Governors mind to change the Indians from one Master to another, pretending to take away force from some that he saw began to envy him, that there was no seed time nor harvest for a whole year; now bartolone then the Spaniards would want, they took it from the Indians, by which means there perished no less then thirty thousand ve which caused one woman for hunger to eat her own childe.

Las Casas, “Destruction of the Indies”

The Noble man escaping, gathered together what force he could and made after the Spaniards, who were gone away with no less then a hundred and forty thousand Crowns of his own Treasure; cxsas he had overtaken them, he fell upon them, and having slain above fifty of the Spaniards, he recovered his Gold again.

However, this generosity was their custom and the Spaniards could count on it. This Furcifur carried himself obscenely toward a deserving religious person, boasting to him, that he had got dwstruction many Indians as he could with childe, that they might yield the more profit in the sale of them.

Follow Us on Facebook. One day when they came forth to meet the Spaniards, the German Tyrant and Captain caus’d an infinite number of them to be shut up in a house made up destriction straw, where he commanded that they should be all cut in pieces.

Though they badtolome gave any real reason for the lack of concern for ijdies carrying out their mission of converting the natives, it can be assumed that it was due to money. In these Provinces in the Bay of Coderat, there was a City, the Lord of which was called Higueroto, a name common either to the persons, or to the officers of the place. The images described by Las Casas were later depicted by Theodor de Bry in copper plate engravings that helped expand the Black Legend against Spain.

The men they killed only for their hands and feet, for those they accounted dainties. There being a certain Christian who went about to defile a virgin, her mother interposed her self, and would have taken the daughter from him; the Spaniard drawing forth his dagger, cut off her hand, and afterwards slew the virgin, caszs she would not give consent to his lustful desire.

“A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies,” by Bartolome de Las Casas

And thus the number of people hurried from the enjoyment of their freedom into a fad and laborious captivity, amounted to five hundred thousand souls, of which above fifty or sixty thousand are already perished, and more daily perish. Unto these two heads all the other several torments and inhumanities which they used to the ruin of these poor Nations may be reduced.

Inafter Las Casas first tje the chronicle later known as A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indiesduring the hearings ordered by Charles Destrjction of Spain to resolve issues of forceful conversion and colonial exploitation of Indians, Las Casas presented the account before the members of the Council of the Indies as proof of atrocities committed upon Indians by colonial authorities.

This voice says that you are in mortal sin, that you live and die in it, for the cruelty and tyranny you use in dealing with these innocent people.

There might have been erected by the Spaniards many brave and large Cities where they might have liv’d as in a Paradise, had they not rendered themselves totally unworthy of any such benefits through their own enormities and impieties. The rest saved themselves by flight.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies

And as for the blows which they gave them with whips, cudgels and their fists, wherewith they continually tormented them in their labor, I could be hardly able to find either time or paper to make a narration large enough of those things.

John where the sold half, and from thence also to the Island of Hispaniola, where they sold the rest. He returned to the Indies where, inhe became the first priest ordained in the New World. These Spaniards departed from the sea coast to the Islands of Hispaniola and St. So that now the whole Region lay waste and desolate, the inhabitants being all fled to the Mountains for safety.

It can hardly be said or expressed, with destructoon many injuries and unjust actions they used desttuction afflict the poor Indians in these Countries from These and many other things were prov’d before the fiscal of the Indies Council, and the several proofs are kept by the said Council; though it is most certain that they never put to death any of those cursed Tyrants, as if all the devastations and murders by them committed had not been at all to be regarded.


Being thus broken with so many evils, afflicted with so many torments, and handled so ignominiously, they began at length to believe that the Spaniards were not sent from Heaven. After this they returned to Guatemala, where they built a City, which God in his justice destroy’d, overwhelming it, first with earth, then with stones of a vast bigness, and lastly, letting in upon it a great deluge of waters. To this place came the old sea Captain that first discovered America, who was received with so much courtesy and friendship by Guacanagari, who gave him and his associates all the help and assistance that might be for his ship was there sunk that upon his return into Spain he would often affirm, that dedtruction own parents in his own Country were never so friendly to him.

All the potent men of that Region, with the Priests who brought along with them their chief Priest also, came to meet the Spaniards; and that their reception and entertainment might be the more honorable, they agreed to entertain the Spaniards in the houses of the greatest Noble men; but here the Spaniards consulted how to begin their massacres, or as they call’d them, chastisements of the people, that they might keep in awe every corner of the Country with the terror of their cruelties.

Of the Island of Cuba In the year,they went over into the Island of Cuba, which extends as far in length as it is from Valladolid to Rome, in which there were many fair Provinces, inhabited with an infinite number of people, where the humanity and clemency of the Spaniards was not only as little as it had been in other places, but their cruelty and rage much greater.

From that year unto this present year They are of a very apprehensive and docible wit, and capable of all good learning, and very apt to receive our Religion, which when they have but once tasted, they are carried on with a very ardent and zealous desire to make a further progress in it; so that I have heard divers Spaniards confess that they had nothing else to hinder them from enjoying heaven, but their ignorance of the true God.

But after their departure, knowing the falsehood and treachery of the Spaniards, they sent messengers fifty miles after them, craving pardon in the name of the Indians, and entreating them to return. Chapter 6 The Province of Nicaragua.

This Kingdom was govern’d by Guarionex, who had under his jurisdiction caass his vassals, Lords and Governors so potent, that every one of them was able to bring into the field for the service of Guarionex, above Sixteen thousand men apiece.

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A Man Called Destruction
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 1995
ProducerAlex Chilton
Alex Chilton chronology
A Man Called Destruction
Loose Shoes and Tight Pussy

A Man Called Destruction is a studio album by American pop rock musician Alex Chilton, released in 1995.

The album consisted of six songs written by Chilton, and six cover versions including Jan and Dean's 'The New Girl in School', which had featured as the B-side to their 'Dead Man's Curve' single.

'It's Your Funeral' is based on Frédéric Chopin's marche funèbre which became the 3rd movement of his Piano Sonata No. 2.

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Professional ratings
Review scores
Chicago Tribune[2]
The Encyclopedia of Popular Music[3]
Entertainment WeeklyA[4]
The New Rolling Stone Album Guide[5]
Orlando Sentinel[6]
Tom Hull – on the WebB+ ()[9]


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Blues musician Howlin' Wolf employed a pianist named William 'Destruction' Johnson in the late 1940s,[10] and Chilton's title is a reference to him as well as a play on both the title of the Western film A Man Called Horse and the Biff Bang Pow! song 'A Girl Called Destruction'.[10]

Track listing[edit]

  1. 'Sick and Tired' (Chris Kenner) – 3:04
  2. 'Devil Girl' (Alex Chilton) – 2:55
  3. 'Lies' (Keith Keller) – 4:01
  4. 'It's Your Funeral' (Chilton, Jim Spake) – 1:29
  5. 'What's Your Sign Girl' (Daniel Pearson, Anthony Sepe) – 4:37
  6. 'Il Ribelle' (Adriano Celentano) – 2:14
  7. 'You Don't Have to Go' (Jimmy Reed) – 4:26
  8. 'Boplexity' (Chilton) – 2:56
  9. 'The New Girl in School' (Brian Wilson, Bob Norberg, Roger Christian, Jan Berry) – 2:10
  10. 'You're Lookin' Good' (Chilton) – 2:54
  11. 'Don't Know Anymore' (Chilton) – 3:28
  12. 'Don't Stop' (Chilton) – 2:46

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A man called destruction pdf free download mp4
  • Alex Chilton – guitar, vocals, harmonica on track 7
  • Ron Easley – bass guitar on tracks 1–6, 8–12, guitar on track 7, backing vocals on tracks 5–6, 9 & 12
  • Doug Garrison – drums on tracks 1–6, 10–11
  • Richard Dworkin – drums on tracks 7–9, 12
  • Bob Marbach – organ on tracks 2–3, 10–12
  • Al Gamble – organ on tracks 1–4, 10–11
  • Charles Hodges – organ on track 8
  • Jim Spake – horn arrangements, tenor saxophone on tracks 1–4, 10–11
  • Fred Ford – baritone saxophone on tracks 1–4, 10–11
  • Nokie Taylor – trumpet on tracks 1–4, 10–11
  • The Jackies – backing vocals on track 3
  • Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Recorded and mixed by Jeff Powell
  • Additional engineering by Jeffrey Reed
  • Assisted by Erik Flettrich and Mike Kennedy
  • Mastered by Larry Nix
  • Sleeve design by Jeff Kratschmer
  • Art direction by Claire Boger
  • Photography by Paula Burch
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A Man Called Destruction Pdf Free Download Free

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