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From Middle Englishbegynner, equivalent to begin +‎ -er. Cognate with West Frisianbegjinner(beginner), Dutchbeginner(beginner), Danishnybegynder(beginner, novice).


  • (Received Pronunciation)IPA(key): /bɪˈɡɪnə/
  • Audio (RP)
  • (US)IPA(key): /bəˈɡɪnɚ/



beginner (pluralbeginners)

  1. Someone who is just starting at something, or has only recently started.
    I'm new to learning Japanese: I'm just a beginner.
  2. Someone who sets something in motion.
    The beginner of the games lit the ceremonial torch.
  3. (theater) An actor who is present on stage in the first moments of a play.
    • 1949, Walter Macqueen-Pope, ‎Gaiety: Theatre of Enchantment (page 60)
      On the stage, the beginners for the first piece had taken their places — the chorus were there, scared but determined, and in the wings waited Harlequin, in the person of Charles Lyall []


  • (recent starter):amateur, newbie
  • See also Thesaurus:beginner

Derived terms[edit]


  • Albanian: please add this translation if you can
  • Arabic: مُبْتَدِئm(mubtadiʾ)
  • Armenian: սկսնակ(hy)(sksnak)
  • Basque: please add this translation if you can
  • Belarusian: пачатко́вецm(pačatkóvjec), нава́кm(navák), нава́чкаf(naváčka), навачо́кm(navačók), навічо́кm(navičók)
  • Bulgarian: начина́ещ(bg)m(načináešt), нова́к(bg)m(novák)
  • Burmese: please add this translation if you can
  • Catalan: principiant(ca)m or f
  • Chinese:
    Mandarin: 初學者(zh), 初学者(zh)(chūxuézhě)
  • Czech: začátečník(cs)m, začátečnicef
  • Danish: begynder(da)c
  • Dutch: beginner(nl)m
  • Esperanto: komencanto(eo)
  • Estonian: algaja
  • Finnish: aloittelija(fi), vasta-alkaja(fi)
  • French: débutant(fr)m, débutante(fr)f
  • Galician: principiante(gl)m or f, novatom
  • Georgian: please add this translation if you can
  • German: Anfänger(de)m, Anfängerin(de)f
  • Greek: πρωτάρης(el)m(protáris)
  • Hebrew: מתחיל(he)m(matkhíl)
  • Hindi: शुरुआत(hi)(śuruāt)
  • Hungarian: kezdő(hu)
  • Icelandic: (please verify)byrjandim
  • Indonesian: pemula(id), pemula(id)
  • Italian: principiante(it)m or f, novellino(it)m, neofita(it)m or f
  • Japanese: 初心者(ja)(しょしんしゃ, shoshinsha), 初学者(しょがくしゃ, shogakusha), ビギナー(biginā), 新参(しんざん, shinzan)
  • Kalmyk: эклгч(eklgç)
  • Khmer: please add this translation if you can
  • Korean: 초심자(ko)(chosimja) (初心者(ko)), 초보자(ko)(choboja)
  • Lao: please add this translation if you can
  • Latin: tīrō(la)m
  • Latvian: please add this translation if you can
  • Lithuanian: please add this translation if you can
  • Macedonian: почетникm(početnik)
  • Malay: please add this translation if you can
  • Mongolian: please add this translation if you can
  • Nepali: please add this translation if you can
  • Norman: c'menchantm
  • Norwegian:
    Bokmål: nybegynner(no)m
    Nynorsk: nybyrjarm, nybegynnarm
  • Persian: مبتدی(fa)(mobtadi), تازه‌کار(fa)(tâze-kâr)
  • Plautdietsch: Aunfenjam
  • Polish: początkujący(pl)m or mpl, nowicjusz(pl)m, nowicjuszka(pl)f
  • Portuguese: novato(pt)m, iniciante, principiante(pt)
  • Romanian: începător(ro)m, începătoare(ro)f
  • Russian: начина́ющий(ru)m(načinájuščij), новичо́к(ru)m(novičók)
  • Scottish Gaelic: neach-tòiseachaidhm
  • Serbo-Croatian:
    Cyrillic: по̀четнӣкm
    Roman: pòčetnīk(sh)m
  • Slovak: začiatočník(sk)m, začiatočníčkaf
  • Slovene: začetnik(sl)m, začetnica(sl)f
  • Spanish: principiante(es)m or f, novato(es)m
  • Swedish: nybörjare(sv)c
  • Tagalog: singki
  • Thai: มือใหม่(th)(mʉʉ-mài)
  • Tocharian B: ñwetstse
  • Turkish: acemi(tr), çöne
  • Ukrainian: початкі́вецьm(počatkívecʹ), новачо́к(uk)m(novačók), нова́к(uk)m(novák), нова́чка(uk)f(nováčka)
  • Urdu: شروعات(śuruāt)
  • Vietnamese: người bắt đầu, người mới học
  • Volapük: priman(vo)m or f, hiprimanm, jipriman(vo)f
  • Welsh: please add this translation if you can
  • Yiddish: אָנפֿאַנגער(onfanger), אָנהייבערm(onheyber)
  • Dutch: starter(nl)
  • Estonian: alustaja
  • Finnish: avaaja(fi), aloittaja(fi), alkuunpanija(fi)
  • Romanian: inițiator(ro)m
  • Spanish: iniciador(es)
The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. See instructions at Wiktionary:Entry layout § Translations.
  • Interlingua: (please verify)comenciator, (please verify)comenciante, (please verify)initiator, (please verify)initiante
  • Latin: (please verify)inceptor, (please verify)initiator
  • Volapük: (please verify)beginan

Further reading[edit]

  • beginner in Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913.
  • beginner in The Century Dictionary, New York, N.Y.: The Century Co., 1911.

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  • benigner, bergenin



From beginnen +‎ -er.



  • IPA(key): /bəˈɣɪnər/
  • Audio
  • Hyphenation: be‧gin‧ner
  • Rhymes: -ɪnər


beginnerm (pluralbeginners, diminutivebeginnertjen)

  1. Someone who is just starting something, or has only recently started (similar to English)
    Hij kan goed schaken voor een beginner.He plays chess well for a beginner.

Derived terms[edit]

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