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Hey, I am Kanishk Shirke. I am a BMM graduate, a photography hobbyist, a cinephile and a music lover.

Currently I am learning digital marketing at IIDE. Checkout my website to know more about me.

What do I like ?









Tap in my mind

Live, travel, click

Photography is my poison. I was introduced to it in degree college and since then I keep clicking, keep learning. With time it has introduced myself to a new me.

It’s more than an art form. It’s a journey, a discipline and a perspective.I will tell you how I started, what I’ve learnt, and how can anyone go about it.

If you are somebody who likes to scroll through beautiful pictures on social media or is heavily inspired by the art or someone who is thinking to buy a camera, here are some of my tips when getting started with photography.

Just doodle it…

A boring lecture, a borrowed pen, empty notebook and a crazy mind etc. is all that you need  to pass time. As a teenager I was fascinated with anime characters.

I picked up my pen to draw my very own set of characters and here was the result.

In an attempt to create something like an anime I ended up creating something i was happy with.

Music and me

A time-machine can transport you to a different world. Music is my time-machine. Whenever I put on my headphones I forget about what’s going around me. It’sjust the song and me.

My introduction to music as a child was due to i-tv, an old music channel that only played western music. The first song that I tried to remember was “Everybody” by Backstreet boys.

A cinephile

A cinephile is a person who loves watching movies. With a tonne of movies that I have watched my favourite genre is thriller. With power-pack performances, engaging storyline, cliffhangers, this genre always surprises me with something new.

I love stories that mix thriller along with drama, mystery, fantasy or crime. I like when a film keeps you on the edge of your seat and give you an unexpected ending.

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